Butterfly Bento

Oh, this was one of his requests. He specifically wanted me to prepare a butterfly bento because the other day, he witnessed a butterfly emerged from its chrysalis here at our frontyard. It was so amazing! Now, he knows the life cycle of a butterfly already. Hihi! He always looks at our calamansi plant because there's quite a lot of caterpillars in there right now and some have transformed into a chrysalis already. 

Anyway, he remembered about it the night before and so the next day he asked for a butterfly baon.

Thus, here's what I was able to come up with. 

Butterfly Bento

Owl Bento

Okay, this is really an owl bento, because that's what I planned to do. However, when the little one saw it, he said that it's the bird daw from the movie "Yellowbird". Okay, I just conceded and agreed! Hahaha! 

I will just make another owl bento in the future. I hope he sees it as an owl next time! :-P

Owl Bento


My Bento Tools Loot

Two weeks ago, we went to SM North and Trinoma to look for a school bag for the little one. You see, we didn't buy a school bag for him before the school year started simply because we weren't sure yet as to how big a bag he needs.

Anyway, we were able to buy one at Trinoma. Before we went home, I asked dear hubby if I could go and check out Saizen. You know, I wanted to see if they have cute bento tools available. 

And guess what, there were a lot! I was like in bento heaven, hahaha! Thank you, dear husband for allowing me to buy some tools. I was really so genuinely happy!

Here's my loot!

Saizen Bento Tools Loot


Lightning McQueen Bento

My son was really happy when I made him this bento. Actually, I, too, was so happy! I must say that it was really a lot of fun doing it. Honestly, I googled so many bento designs of Lightning McQueen where I could get inspiration from but considering my limited tools, I couldn't find the right one that I could try to do easily. In the end, I decided to just draw inspiration from my son's Lightning McQueen toy. 

You see, he has this small Lightning McQueen toy (pictured below) that he loves to play with. So, what I did was draw the car while it's fronting me. I thought it was easier to do it with the egg sheets using the frontview of the car. Hihi! 

Here's the end result of my imBento. :-)

Lightning McQueen Bento
White bread with cheese inside, apple and grapes under it, and fish nuggets

Piano Bento

I made another auditory discrimination - inspired bento for Trev's baon on his fourth day in class. This time around, their lesson was about musical instruments so I decided to make this simple piano bento for him. 

Piano Bento

A Simple Animal Bento

I decided to make a bento inspired by their lesson in school. Since they had a lesson about auditory discrimination on their second day in class, I prepared a simple animal bento for him. You see, their first auditory discrimination lesson was all about animal sounds. 

When I showed him his baon, I asked him the sounds of the animals in it. Hitting two birds with one stone, ey? Hihi! Reviewing while eating healthy food. 

Day 3: A Simple Animal Bento


Rocketship Bento

Short kuwento muna why I came up with this bento. It's kind of funny for me actually. You see, everytime I make a baon for my son, I always show him what the contents are. Yesterday, our convo went something like this while I was showing him his first day of school bento.
Me: Trev, anak, here's your baon. What do you think it is?
Trev: Wow, Nanay, it's a rocketship!
Me: No, anak, it's not a rocketship. It's a pencil, look!
Trev: No, Nanay, it looks like a rocketship. 
Me: Anak, it's a pencil. 
Trev: But I want it to be a rocketship, Nanay. 
Me: Okay, anak, I'll try to come up with something tomorrow. 
Trev: Okay, Nanay. I want a green rocketship please. 

Haha! Wala na akong nagawa. I really need to work on my bento skills. Sorry, not an expert yet although I've been doing bento for like 2 years now, I've not done a lot of kyarabens yet. I'm still learning and I need lots and lots of practice. :-)

Long story short, here's his green rocketship for his second day in school. 

Day 2: Rocketship Bento