Lego - Themed Bento

Making a lego - themed bento has always been one on my list but since I don't have any lego molder, I never attempted to make one. Until one day, I was able to watch a video tutorial in youtube (there are lots of tutorials there! thanks to those who shared!) on how to make lego blocks using a clean drinking straw. I was like "Ahh, so that's how they do it all along!" Hihi! So, one day, I tried creating my own version.

Tadah! Here's my first ever lego - themed bento.

Lego - Themed Bento


The Bento CaraVan Shop Opening GiveAway

The Bento Caravan Opening Giveaway has officially ended. Thank you all from the bottom of our bento - loving hearts for joining and supporting our simple giveaway! ♥ 

Congratulations to Ms. Jill Rodriguez for winning the Hello Kitty Bento Starter Set and to Ms. Jen Gonzales for winning the Working Cars Bento Starter Set

Til our next giveaway everyone! 

For affordable and kawaii bento tools, please visit our bento online shop on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BentoCaravan

To see more of my bento creations, please visit our Instagram account at @BentoCaravan

Thank you once again! :-) 


The Bento CaraVan

Hello there, friends! It's been a while. Yeah, I know, I am really sorry for the lack of posts nowadays. Such a busy bee. 

Anyway, I would just like to share with you all how happy I am with how my bento making interest is turning out. You see, my husband and I have finally decided to take this interest of mine up a notch. Yes, after much thought and lots and lots of prayers, we have finally decided to open our very own bento shop! I have already created a Facebook page and an Instagram account. I named it Bento CaraVan. Caravan means travelling merchants, right? Well, I may not be with a group but then I love where my bento journey is travelling nowadays. I feel really blessed that I am able to inspire other people into making not only cute food for their kids but nutritious and healthy food as well. Another reason why I chose CaraVan is simply because it has the Van at the end, haha! Pretty obvious, eh? Since my name is Van, so I guess it fits just right. :-) 

The Bento CaraVan


Father's Day 2015 (And A Bento!)

We are a very simple family and we always prefer to have just a tiny celebration at home whenever there's an occasion.  Our Father's Day celebration might not have been grand but the important thing is we are together as a family happily.

I cooked spaghetti with Clara Ole Three Cheese sauce, added in some shiitake mushroom, peas, ham and some all purpose cream. It was a very easy recipe really. And oh, may I just say that the Clara Ole Three Cheese sauce was sooo good! I'm not paid or sponsored for saying this, it's really how I think it is. Even hubby said it was really yummy. I think it's probably now our favorite spaghetti sauce! 

I also cooked Maja Mais with cheese overload, hihi! Cheese is my hubby and our son's favorite thing in this world! We didn't have a grater though so I had no choice but to cut the cheese in cubes. :-P

Also made a simple and rush dedication because hubby was coming back inside the house already when I did it and I didn't want him to see what I was doing, haha! 

Spaghetti with Clara Ole Three Cheese


Olaf Bento

I shared with you in the previous post about my recent bento tools haul. I happened to chance upon a snowflakes plunger at The Landmark in Trinoma so I got that one, too. And I can't wait til Christmas before I start using it, hahaha! So, I thought, maybe I could try my luck and make a Frozen-themed bento. Since my kid is a boy, obviously I couldn't make Elsa or Ana, hahaha! So, the best option is the super adorable Olaf! 

And so, tadah, here's what I made for Trev's bento. 

Olaf Bento

Angry Birds Bento

Trev and I were at the grocery the other week when I spotted this green-colored fish balls. My mind almost instantly thought of transforming them into piggies since I still have some angry birds fish cakes at home. So, I got a pack and made my thought into reality. Hihi!

This was the result. 

Angry Bird Bento


Butterfly Bento

Oh, this was one of his requests. He specifically wanted me to prepare a butterfly bento because the other day, he witnessed a butterfly emerged from its chrysalis here at our frontyard. It was so amazing! Now, he knows the life cycle of a butterfly already. Hihi! He always looks at our calamansi plant because there's quite a lot of caterpillars in there right now and some have transformed into a chrysalis already. 

Anyway, he remembered about it the night before and so the next day he asked for a butterfly baon.

Thus, here's what I was able to come up with. 

Butterfly Bento