Easterific Sunday At Blue Bay Walk

Hey there, Mommies and Daddies! Have you booked your child/ren to any egg hunting event yet? 

I remember last year, my son Trev had his first ever egg hunting experience. He was only a little over a year old then but he had so much fun already. I even donned him in a costume, haha! There were so many kids and he had a chance to play with them. There were real bunnies, face painting, and so much more! This year, we're planning to book him again for his second, so we're in search of egg hunting events already.

This one from Blue Bay Walk looks really amazing! Check this out. 

Easterific Sunday At Blue Bay Walk
(Please click the poster to enlarge.)

In The Works

It’s summer already and, God willing, we’re planning to have the front area of our home cemented this season so that we could proceed with the installation of our fence and gate. We’re just having a hard time locating who (contractor) to approach so that the construction will be done in good faith. We want someone who doesn’t just finish the work but someone with care as well. You see, we noticed kasi that some contractors just tend to finish the work required but the end result isn’t as polished as it’s supposed to be. You know, parang minadali ba. Of course, it’s hard earned money that we’re spending for our humble home, aside from the fact that this place is a place we’ll be living in for the rest of our lives and the place where we will raise our little one, so of course, we would not want it to go to waste. 

Anyway, we were able to speak with a few already but we haven’t finalized everything yet. We hope and pray that God will lead us to the right one. 

For our cabinetry (like in our kitchen and bedroom), hmmm, well we haven’t planned anything for that yet. Although I have done a few searches online to gather ideas. Woodworks from www.ovisonline.com look amazing so I was thinking I could pick up some inspiration from there. 

ZALORA: Pop-Up Shop Event

Be the first to experience the biggest ZALORA POP-UP shop yet! 

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ZALORA: Pop-Up Shop Event

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My First Lazada Online Shopping Experience

A few posts ago, I shared with you my joy when I received my first Lazada package. I intentionally did not include the content of my package in that post simply because it was a gift for someone (whispers: and that someone sometimes peeks on my blog!) and I didn't want to preempt the surprise. It's just that I was too excited to blog about it, so I did, minus the content, haha! Ayun, bitin tuloy. :-P

My First Lazada Online Shopping Experience
Actually, it was my gift for hubby's birthday, which was last Saturday. Since we're done celebrating and Trev & I gave our gift to him already, I'm ready to blog about my experience today. :-)

My First Lazada Online Shopping Experience
What's inside the package. :-)

Hubby's Birthday

Last Saturday was hubby's birthday. We didn't go elsewhere to celebrate it. The whole day we were just here at home. It was a fun family bonding moment. I cooked pancit, as usual. The day before that, Trev and I went to Waltermart to buy him a cake. We ended up at Red Ribbon and since we had a limited budget, we got the most affordable roll cake available. It doesn't matter, the important thing is hubby is blessed with another year and we're a happy family. I tried my best to hide the cake inside the ref so hubby won't notice it until his birthday (next day). Haha! Glad he didn't! :-)

Our simple salu - salo.

Simple Joys Photo: "Flowers" (?)

My son was playing with his building blocks and toy trumpet the other day when, out of nowhere, he put some of the blocks inside the trumpet's horn. And then he suddenly exclaimed, "Flowers!". Haha! 

I didn't notice him do it so when I heard him say "Flowers!", I immediately looked at what he was doing and saw this.

Trev with the pretty "flowers". :-)

My First Lazada Package

I am so happy to finally receive my first Lazada package! Actually, the entire ordering process was a breeze. I placed my order last Monday, yes, just this Monday and I received my package yesterday. Isn't that fast?! Considering that I am not Metro Manila-based. 

My First Lazada Package