Home-made Ice Cream with Oreo Cookies

Here's another home-made recipe I found from the FB group that I am a member of. Credit to all those who keep on sharing their recipes. It really gives moms like me new adventures in the kitchen which makes the whole family happy! Thank you for this recipe. :-)

Home-made ice cream! Here's what I used to make this yummy treat.

Home-made Ice Cream with Oreo Cookies
All Purpose Cream, Condensed Milk and Oreo Cookies (vanilla flavor). 

School Update: Trev's First Trimestral Results

This post is actually way too late already as they've taken their exams last August pa. But then, I still wanted to document this milestone as it's really a one proud Nanay moment for me (and proud Tatay moment for hubby, too!).

Trev and his classmates took their first ever trimestral exam last August and I was one nervous mom because I don't know how my son will perform. But, at the same time, I always have this trust in him because he really loves school, he loves doing his assignments and he loves reading. We always study at home and he always enjoyed those moments.

Their teacher said that toddlers will take their exam within 4 days, meaning, no pressure, whenever the child's ready. They could do it on the first, second or third day. They will do it on a one on one basis so they could focus on each child. On the second day of their exam week, I thought of looking through the classroom's window to know what the kids were doing. I saw some kids were in one table with their teachers, while my child was on another table, lacing a string through an envelop. I thought, why was my son not taking his exams. Then, later, when the teacher aide came out, she said that Trev was the first one to finish his exams. He did it on the first day. I was surprised and relieved at the same time, hihi!

Anyway, when the exam results were released, my hubby and I were so happy and proud of our little boy because he did a great job!

Perfect score! Thank God!


Trev Had A Hair Cut

Uhmm, let me rephrase that. I mean, I cut Trev’s hair! Hihi! Actually, we were supposed to go to our friendly neighbourhood barber shop two weekends ago for Trev’s 4th haircut. Well, the my original plan was for Trev to have his hair cut after his 3rd birthday, but since it’s kind of growing long again, we decided to bring him to the barber shop na.  The decision was made final already before that day and I was already convinced and decided to cut my son’s long hair (again), so the morning before we were supposed to go to the barber shop, I told hubby that I would just cut the long part of Trev’s hair so I could keep it before we head on to the barber shop. So, I did. 

But what do you know, after I cut it, we decided otherwise. Yes, we decided to just keep his hair as is na lang and postpone his “real” hair cut next time. Haha! 

I kind of miss his long hair already. Sort of nanghihinayang din because we've never cut that part of his hair since he was born. Yan talaga yung part ng baby hair niya. So, the sentimental me kept that lock of his hair as remembrance. Hihi!

PH Envisioned To Lead ASEAN In Developing Standards For The Gifted

A Philippine organization is posed to spearhead the establishment of an (ASEAN) Association for Giftedness to leverage economic growth through human capital development.

Non-profit group Philippine Center for Gifted Education Inc. (PCGE), led by Dr. Leticia Ho, is working towards creating standards for ASEAN member countries to ensure robust criteria for identification, development and nurturing of gifted children.

“While the ASEAN integration aims to unite the ten member countries into one economic, multi-cultural community, development of its human capital is definitely a vital component,” says Dr. Ho.


Trev The "Spidey"

It’s been a while since I last posted here, I mean really posted something about us. I know I’ve been saying this time and again, but really, I’ve just been very busy with a lot of stuff. Mostly mommy duties of course. No complaints though, loving every moment of it. :-)

Anyway, I just want to show you who visited our home the other day, haha! 


Cord Blood: A New Hope For Leukemia

A video of a mother from Quebec fighting against leukemia recently went viral in YouTube. Her desperate plea – to find a compatible umbilical cord donor, the only hope for her second battle against leukemia[i].
Mai Duong, a 34-year-old Vietnamese-Canadian mother is among the many patients diagnosed of cancer every four minutes. Leukemia - cancer of the body’s tissues that are responsible for forming blood including bone marrow and lymphatic system is among the top eight common cancers in the Philippines.
In 2005, the Philippine Cancer Society recorded 4,202 new cases, 2,243 of which is among males with 3.9 percent incidence rate while 1,959 cases were recorded among females with an incidence rate of 3.6 percent. With an average 5-year survival rate of only 25 percent, an estimated 3,498 deaths are expected with 1,863 in men and 1,635 among women[ii].
Normally, the body produces and grows the white blood cells in an orderly way. But for people with leukemia, their bone marrow produces white blood cells that are abnormal either in number or function.

Trev And His "Pets"

My son loves to pretend play. Often times, he would imagine holding a dog or a cat, or even a bunny. Other times, he would imagine driving a digger or a bus. There were even times when we're walking our way out of the village going to school, he would tell me that he’s holding his violet (yes, violet daw talaga, haha!) cat in his left hand and that he’d bring it in school also. Haha! Whenever we read books, he’d always extend his arm and “grab” something from the pages, turns out he’s pretending that he’s holding whatever the character in the book is, say a pony or a pig. I guess, he loves pets as much as he loves different kinds of vehicles. 

Well, hubby and I are thinking of getting a real pet for him but as of the moment, we just couldn’t, yet, for several reasons. Of course, we have to consider a lot of things before we finally get one. Like where his pet will stay, food it will eat, vitamins or even medicines for when the pet gets sick, like vetprofen perhaps.

For now, while we haven’t finally decided yet, I guess he’s very much content with his imaginary pets. And oh, he’s happy with his fluffy friends here, too.

Meet his friends, Fulgoso and Sab. Those were actually his Tatay's birthday gifts to me when Trev was still a small baby. Obviously, my son is now the happy owner of those stuffed animals. Cute! :-)