Baby Care Plus Products

I really love baby shampoo and baby bath. Actually, I love almost all baby toiletries. I like the baby scent so much! Good thing my baby's skin and hair is not that sensitive so we can try different brands without any risks of allergy, thank God! So anyway, on Trev's first birthday, one of his aunts gave him Baby Care Plus Shampoo and Bath as gifts. Of course, I got so excited! :-) I'm not really familiar with this brand until I read about it. It's a Tupperware brand and I guess it's only sold through dealers too, like the Human Heart Nature Baby products I mentioned in my previous post.  I checked on the forum I frequently visit and found some good reviews about the Baby Care Plus Shampoo too. So the excited me tried it on Trev one day. And true enough, it's really good and smells really nice. His hair was so soft and the scent is very long lasting too. It lasts the whole day and even though my baby sweats a lot, his hair still smells sweet and pleasant. I haven't tried the Baby Bath yet, I'm saving that for later, haha! For now, my baby and I will just enjoy the shampoo first. :-)

Love the scent of the shampoo! Haven't opened the Baby Bath yet but I hope it smells nice too! I'm guessing it probably has the same scent as the baby shampoo. :-)

Oh, I can't wait to finish the current soap and baby bath he's using so we can try this one too. Many thanks to my sis in law for giving this to Trev! Yey! :-)


  1. Where did you buy it? :)

  2. Hi! Which dealer did you get this from? Been looking for Baby Care Plus cologne since forever :c

  3. Anon and Alex: Oh, I'm sorry, but I didn't buy these products. It was a gift for my baby on his first birthday. :-)


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