Babywearing Mom: Ring Sling

Yes, I am a babywearing mom and I am loving it so much! I could'nt go out of the house with my baby without my baby carrier. Actually I started with a backpack-type carrier that my hubby bought when Trev was only 4 months old. But I felt like our baby was not comfortable with it so I decided to research on what better alternative to use. That's when I stumbled upon a site telling about a ring sling and then with more research I learned about the Saya Baby Carrier. Now, I have both too! Both are useful in different ways, both are very comfortable for me and my baby. It's really worth buying. I will write another blog post about my experience with the Saya Baby Carrier. 

Here is a picture of me and Trev while I was babywearing him using our first carrier. 

For now, let me tell you a little bit about my babywearing journey using the ring sling. When I acquired the ring sling, I bought it on impulse! Yes, I did! I got excited when I saw that it was being sold at Baby Company. One time, my husband, Allan, my son Trev and I were strolling at the mall and went to the baby section of SM North. That's when I first saw it. I told Allan that I wanted to get one. He even asked if I was sure, of course I said yes! I have been reading a lot of good reviews about the Next9 Ring Slings so I figured I could try it out too with my baby. It's quite pricey at Ph999 but I thought, the price was okay for its use and quality. When we went home, I immediately tried it on. Good thing, Trev was very cooperative and allowed me to carry him in. At first, it was a little tricky to use but I guess Trev and I managed to wear it properly, well at least based on what I know.

Here's a picture of us on our first try with the ring sling. 

Handsfree! :-)

With more research, I learned more techniques and ideas on how to use the ring sling. I found it so versatile. I wanted to research on how to use it properly because of course, safety and comfort of my baby comes first. This was the first video I watched when I was learning how to use the Next9 ring sling. It was definitely so helpful and I learned a lot. Next9 recently made a new instructional video here.

Here's another picture of us while breastfeeding Trev in the ring sling. 

Based from what I have read, breastfeeding while babywearing is called Advanced Babywearing. :-)

 It is very versatile that you can also use it as a nursing cover when nursing in public. 

Nursing Trev at KFC! :-)

Babywearing really has a lot of benefits. Some benefits are indicated at the packaging of the Next9 Ring Sling. 

It's true. It makes babies (mommies and daddies too!) happier! :-) 
I'm so glad I learned about babywearing! :-)

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