My Very First Nail Art

I am a very simple person. I don't put on makeup, I am okay with just a face powder and lip gloss and an occasional use of eyelash curler if I feel like it, kikay na yan for me. 

When I got pregnant, I wanted to feel pretty kahit I was looking like a balyena na (no offense to other preggy moms ha, this was how I feel lang when I was pregnant, laki kasi ng tiyan ko nun and I gained so much weight!). Kaso, even though I wanted to feel pretty, parang I couldn't make myself to ever even try, ang bigat ng pakiramdam ko that time. 

Anyways, I used to put on nail polish on my toe nails when I was still single especially when I joined the mountaineering club in our office kasi medyo nangitim mga toe nails ko! Yung malaking toe nail lang naman. Medyo semi-dedbols ba, ganun. Wehehe! (Yikes but true.). Pangit naman kung medyo looking like naghihingalo siya di ba so dapat may color para di obvious! :-) (Nope, I don't blame my mountaineering adventures sa semi-dedbols kong nails noh! Dun kaya kami nagkakilala ng asawa ko!)

But when Allan and I got married and then later on got pregnant, I stopped putting on my nail polish. Kahit after I have given birth already. I felt like it was bad for my baby.

But not until the other day. It was an early morning and Trev was still sleeping. I was a little bored because I couldn't go back to sleep anymore. So I got my new stock of nail polish and started working on my toes. Before, I only apply the usual dark and neutral shades but today, I decided otherwise. I tried the Bobbie Smashed Metallic Blue on top of the Chic Platinum. Yay!

New shades that I have right now. Sorry, hindi ako bumibili ng imported, mahal kaya yun! :-)

Oopps, I wasn't born with pretty feet so I can only show you this. :-)

I think I like this one. It's the very first time I have ever gone extreme with my nail polish. Blue polish, for me, is already extreme. I tried the Bobbie Smashed Black on top of the Bobbie Red the other day pero my nails looked like lady bugs, hahaha!

Anyway, I enjoyed doing this very easy nail art. And it's amazing and exciting at the same time how the nail polish crackle after a few seconds of application. 

I have yet to try my Bobbie Magnet-Ficient Polish though. I don't put nail polish on my finger nails but I tried it one time on my left hand, try lang. It was okay and I was happy already. Ang galing din how the design comes out after you put the magnet on top of your nails. Kaso, when I applied it on my right hand, ayun very sloppy since I am a right-handed person. Pangit tuloy! Haha! Binura ko na lang, buti na lang marami akong acetone, wehehe! 

Allan, my husband, doesn't like my blue polish that much though, sabi niya "Bakit parang sira?". I told him "Mahal, ganyan talaga yan, nail art nga eh." :-P

Oh well, ang asawa ko talaga. I love you so much, mahal ko! :-D

Alive na alive na ang mga semi-dedbols kong nails. Di na sila nangingitim. Good thing gumaling naman sila. :-)

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