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Oh, how I love baby wash and shampoo! I so love the scent and it makes bath time more of a fun time for me and Trev. When Trev was a newborn, his aunt gave him a baby wash and soothing oil from Avon Baby and I really love the scent. But I did not use it on Trev until he was about 5 or 6 months, at least until I'm sure he's not sensitive to any of those. I used Cetaphil on him since he was born before I switched to J&J Top to Toe Wash and then the Avon Baby Wash. When I finally decided to try it out, I became somewhat addicted to it in the sense that the scent lingers on Trev the whole day! Oh how I love smelling his hair! :-)

On his baptism, one of his godmothers gave him Human Heart Nature Baby Wash and Lotion as a gift. I have been reading a lot of good reviews about the brand and it's one of the brands that was usually recommended by most moms in the forum that I frequently visit. So I got excited. I tried in on him and what do you know, it smells really great and it's good on his skin too. I didn't use the lotion on him regularly though because he sweats a lot. I was able to use the lotion upon his pedia's recommendation a few months after because Trev has dry skin on his arms. She gave a go signal to the Human Heart Nature Baby Lotion because it's organic. It was good on my baby's skin and I noticed that the dry patches were slowly getting moisturized day by day. So I continued using it on Trev. The bottles were only the 50ml bottles so we were able to consume it after a few weeks. I asked hubby if he could ask Trev's godmother where she bought it so we could order again but unfortunately, the seller was not replying. So I searched the net for sellers and I found out that mostly, it's being sold only online. I stumbled upon the Human Heart Nature website and I learned that their flagship store is just located along Commonwealth Ave. So I asked my husband if I could go. He agreed. I went there last December, so I also bought a few other Human Heart Nature products as christmas gifts. It was overwhelming, there were so many other organic products and the prices were all oh so affordable! There were a lot of customers buying too! There was a play area for kids in one corner and a few tables for other customers enjoying the complimentary coffee given for free by Human Heart Nature! Wow, nice! I really wanted to sign up as a dealer at once but seeing all those people and the store being sooo busy for the holiday season, I decided I could just visit them again one of these days so I can sign up. 

Here's what I bought for my little one! So excited to use these on him. :-)

I got the biggest size for each product, yipee! :-)

Can't help myself! I used it on him na! Love love love! Here, Trev just had his bath and is playing with his Human Heart Nature lotion and baby oil (also playing with his Baby Bench Cologne Bubble Gum wehe!) :-)

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