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Last week, my son Trev and I went malling. Well, yes, just the two of us. It was a weekday and Allan, my husband was at work. I decided that we go to Trinoma this time. I just plan for us to just window shop and if I find something worth buying then go. I don't know why but we ended up at the toiletries section of Landmark. So I bought a few stuffs there. When we were already paying the items in the cashier, I was surprised with what I saw. There were Human Heart Nature products on the racks. Wow! Just when I was planning to go to Sesou to check on some. I didn't have to now! After paying, I immediately checked what Human Heart Nature products are available. And, I was so amazed, there were a lot! Although, baby products are not included, I guess it's only a dealer-exclusive product or just being sold in their branches. Anyway, that's okay, I can visit them later. But, here, at least I don't have to go to their branch to get their other items! :-) 

Here's what I got! 

Oops! Excuse my little one's hand! :-)

I bought these so I can try it out first. As a matter of fact, as of to date, I have tried them all already. By the way, the Healthy Lotion Berry Bliss was only an excess from the items I bought last December for our Christmas gifts. I didn't know I bought two. So, I just kept the other one. I love the scent of the Healthy Lotion Berry Bliss, so yummy! Anyway, so far, I have been using the Sunflower Beauty Oil regularly since I bought it, hoping that it's effective on my stretchmarks. Haha! Yes, I have those. Not that I am not proud of it, it's my battle scars from carrying my son and it's a reminder that I am now a mother too. But, of course, a little help to minimize the appearance of it is wonderful too. So far, I haven't seen the effect of the oil yet but here's to hoping that it could help even just a bit. As for the natural shampoo, I think this one is not for me. Why? Well, I have naturally curly hair and when I used it, my hair became a little stiff, hahaha! Or probably because I didn't  buy the conditioner. Well, maybe that's why. I'll try to grab their conditioner next time and see what it can do. Hmm, what else. Oh, I super love the Purifying Facial Scrub! I use it every other day. The feeling after using it is refreshing and it feels like my face was massaged and it's so relaxing! For the Deo, well, I have only tried it once just to get a feel of it so I can't really say its effects on me yet. But it also has sunflower oil which can help whiten underarms according to Human Heart Nature. And lastly, the Feminine Wash are okay too. I like the blue one better. It has this cooling effect that feels refreshing too! 

Okay, so that's it for now. After I consume all these, let's see what else I could try.

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