Marlon + She Wedding (My Brother's Wedding)

Like what I mentioned in my previous post, my brother got married last January 20 2013. It was a christian wedding held at Kowloon House, West Avenue. Both the ceremony and the reception was held there. The event was somewhat emotional, well at least for me actually. You see, my brother Marlon is very dear to me. We grew up together in Pangasinan. We were raised by our beloved grandma whom we call Nanay. Now, he's entering the bandwagon I joined two years ago, yun lang he joined it earlier than I did. I was 30 years old when I got married, wehehe! I know, medyo mashonda na ang beauty ko when I got hitched. Haha! But that's another story. :-)

Anyway, yun nga, the event was somewhat emotional for me. When She, the bride (now my sister in law) started walking down the isle, I looked at my brother who was at the end of the isle waiting for his soon to be wife. When I saw that he looked like he was going to cry, awww... My heart was touched and mas nauna pa akong naiyak kesa sa kapatid ko! Hahaha, drama queen lang ang peg ko mga sis! Then the ceremony started. My ever loving lola was naiinip na because nagugutom na siya, hahaha! But when I told her that I was touched with my brother's reaction and when she saw me crying, ayun crayola na rin ang lola ko. Nakakaloka, sa kanya talaga ako nagmana. Nakalimutan siguro niya yung gutom niya. 

Okay, so after the ceremony, the late lunch was served and everybody at our table ate hungrily, especially my two brothers (who were both secondary sponsors by the way). Did I mention that they looked so cute in their lavender long sleeves with tie and vest? Yes, they did. Kaso, they were making fun of themselves, head waiters daw sila! My other brother Gerwin and his son (my nephew) Ryzen wore the same knitted pull over vest in argyle design over their long sleeves and they looked so adorable too! Ryzen wore a sponge bob tie, so cute! Gerwin was the Best Man and Ryzen was the ring bearer. But of course, the groom looked extremely impressive in his coat and tie. She, the bride, looked really captivating in her gown. 

On the same table with us were my sister in law Mae (Gerwin's wife), Yuri who looked too cute in his long sleeves, my cousin Den and Gio, Nanay my beloved lola and of course Allan, me and Trev who's the star of the day for me because he danced in almost all of the wedding songs, hahaha! I featured his danced in my previous post here. I so love Trev's Tinytots Tuxedo onesie talaga. Kering keri ng anak ko. I think I should get another one in a bigger size na. *wink* *paging Allan, penge pambili* (Joke!)

Marlon and She are expecting their first baby very soon so I am really excited! I am going to have a new pamangkin, they don't know yet kasi if girl or boy. Baka daw next month malaman na nila. Weee, excited!

Here are just some of the pictures at the wedding. 

Family pic first. :-)

Lola Nanay playing with her apo sa tuhod. :-)

Trev busy playing :-)

Trev enjoying his "Marie" snack time!

Marlon and I grew up with them when we were still living in Pangasinan. Glad to see them all again!

Look at my brothers, they looked so cute in their tie and vest. There's Ryzen and Yuri too! :-)

With my Dad and Mom

The newly weds!

I am so glad to have attended my brother's wedding. We were almost not able to attend this wedding because Allan was supposed to go to work that day. Good thing it was cancelled. I feel happy too to see my relatives whom I haven't seen in a while. It's only during gatherings or occasions like this that we get to see each other. I'm glad to see also my relatives from Pangasinan especially my Nanay (lola). You see, she raised me and Marlon ever since we were kids. Well, actually, I was already with her since I was 2 months old. Marlon was I think 5 years old then nung kinuha sya ni Nanay para alagaan. So, we're basically ampons ni Nanay, wehehe! I was with Nanay for 20 years before I went to Manila to work. Just imagine how painful it was for me to leave her in the province. Anyway, I think that deserves another story, don't you think? :-)

So, there. That wraps up my entry for now. To Marlon and She, Congratulations and Best Wishes. Hope you have a safe delivery, She. Don't forget to breastfeed when the baby arrives, okay? (Haha, talagang kailangan nakasingit ang breastfeeding?)

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