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Last Christmas, one of my baby's ninangs, who happened to be my bestfriend, asked me what my wish list for Trev is. I told her that I don't have a wish list. Actually, it doesn't really matter if he gets a gift from them or not, I know that they're always there for him and that's what matters. But she's just so insistent that I had to make one, hahaha! If you happen to read my posts here and here, you might know by now how much I love baby toiletries. I told her that I wanted any brand of baby shampoo or baby bath for Trev (Haha! Ang babaw. Oh well, that's why the title of this blog is "simple joys" anyway). I have also listed some other items in my wish list but that's my top 1. And to think, Trev still has unused baby toiletries.

When they gave Trev's Christmas gift, of course the excited nanay in me immediately opened it. And what do you know, they gave Trev these. 

Wow, one entire set! Thank you!!! :-)

I was so happy and immediately texted her and thanked them for their gifts. I only asked either baby shampoo or baby bath, but they gave Trev an entire set of Nivea Baby. :-)

Guess what happened the next day. Of course, I tried the baby shampoo and baby oil on Trev. Well, my verdict? Hmm, here's what. 

1. Nivea Baby Extra Mild Shampoo 
  • The scent is very light unlike the Baby Care Plus Shampoo. But that's okay. It is extra mild and has gentle formula anyway. And I love the fact that it's gentle on baby's eyes, too. Trev doesn't like his shampoo or bath on his eyes (who would, anyway? haha!). So it's great that this product is like that. 

2. Nivea Baby Lovingly Caring Oil
  • This one is okay too. Better than the first one I have been using on Trev since he was a newborn. 

3. Nivea Baby Gentle Nourishing Lotion
  • I already tried this on Trev too. I like the scent  and its texture too. It's thick and you only need to apply a little and it covers Trev's arms and legs already.

4. Nivea Baby Head to Toe Wash
  • I like that it makes a lot of bubbles. Trev likes bubbles so much so when I tried this on him the other day, he was like bubble bathing! He kept splashing on the water! Plus it 's gentle on baby's eyes too.

I haven't tried the Enfant Baby Powder though, simply because it's sealed and I don't want to open it yet just to try it. Haha! Probably after we consume the one that Trev is currently using. He's using cornstarch powder now. By the way, I only use baby powder on Trev very sparingly.  

Well, that's it for now. I'll use all these products once we're done with the current ones he's using . I'm still using the Baby Care Plus Shampoo and Oilatum soap on him. Next in line is the Human Heart Nature Baby Bath. 

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