My Breastfeeding Journey

Well, I am pro-breastfeeding and I am a breastfeeding mom myself. Although, I must admit that everything I know about breastfeeding now were learnings I got after I gave birth to my son, a few months after if I must say. When I was pregnant, I thought I should learn about breastfeeding only after giving birth. And boy, was I wrong. It was almost too late and I almost lost it. It could have been very heartbreaking for me if it did. But thank God I was able to save myself and my baby from that. I started researching intensively about breastfeeding when my baby Trev was I think 5 months old.

I was back to work when Trev was 3 months old. All I knew that time was I had to pump at the office otherwise my milk would dry up. I knew nothing about breastmilk storage. I pumped and dumped every single time. And everytime I would do that, it hurts so much I would cry. I always imagine my son needing that liquid gold but I didn't know yet at the time that I could bring it home for him. I had so much milk at that time I could pump 5 oz of milk using a low quality manual pump in just a few minutes but I had no choice but to dump everything. My mind was set though that it's better that way than dry my milk away. At least, I could still breastfeed Trev when I come home from work. But I couldn't stand the pumping and dumping any longer. It's like I was always throwing away such precious liquid gold that's supposed to nourish my little one while I was away. So, I had to do something. I researched everything there is to know about breastfeeding. I spent countless hours on the internet, armed myself with every information I could see. Since I don't know where to ask and how to get information about breastfeeding, internet was the only one I could turn to. I learned a lot from here and I became a regular follower of Miss Jenny Ong's site here. I have also been into a lot of other sites and forum and I have learned so much. Credits to all of them for sharing their knowledge about breastfeeding. :-)

One day, a former officemate, who happens to be a breastfeeding mom herself, shared to me how she brings her pumped milk at home (thanks to her too!). I took her advice too, so one day, I told Allan that I wanted to buy a better manual pump and storage so I could bring home my milk when I pump at work. So we did. It was the start of my happy days because finally I was able to bring home my liquid gold to my precious little son. But I noticed that as time went by, my milk supply was slowly dropping. I noticed the decrease in my output. I had to do more research again so I could increase my supply back to how it was before. I had to take supplements. I tried all the malunggay supplements I know. But all were not very effective. Until I learned about Fenugreek and Mother's Milk Tea. I tried both and saw some results. My milk supply increased. But it was still not enough for my little one. I was so paranoid that I would dry up. I learned that one culprit why breastmilk supply decrease is the breastpump too. If you're using a breastpump that doesn't work enough to empty your breasts, it could also jeopardize your supply. So there I was again, searching for the best breastpump in the market that could help me increase my supply. Then I found Medela. Based from all the articles I have read, it is the best out there. I was contemplating on getting the Medela Pump in Style Advanced (PISA) because it has the most number of positive reviews but it was so expensive! But whenever I remember the importance of my milk for my baby and the possibility of me drying out soon, I couldn't bear the thought. I realized that it's better to invest in a heavy duty and hospital grade pump that use the money buying formula milk. So I made a decision: I will buy the Medela PISA. I told Allan about it and he approved. I love my husband, he's very supportive. I contacted Medela Moms and went to Medela House and finally got myself the PISA. And I must say that it's really a great buy. I can pump more milk in less time, very advantageous especially that I have tons of work to do in the office and I can't leave my post for a long time. It was also such a relief to be using an electric pump because when I was pregnant, I acquired a pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome, and it was still painful even after I have given birth. So imagine the pain I was feeling everytime I pump using my manual breastpump. It was really a sweet sacrifice since I was very determined to give my baby the best milk, it didn't matter how painful my hands were. But of course, I could use a little help if available. And the PISA definitely helped. Since I started using the Medela PISA, I was able to bring home enough milk for Trev, enough that he doesn't need to drink formula milk while I was at work. I was very happy, my baby was happy and very healthy, thank God! :-) 

Me with my Medela PISA, on my last day of work. This was also the last day I used the Mom's Little Room in the office.
Investing on the Medela PISA was one of the best things I think I have ever made as a breastfeeding mom. Medela Moms has also inspired me to pursue and continue my breastfeeding journey with my baby. :-)

Now that I am a stay a home mom, I still use my Medela PISA once in a while, especially when Trev sleeps for longer periods of time. I need to pump to maintain my supply and avoid too much engorgement which is so painful sometimes. But of course, being a stay at home mom, I make sure to always breastfeed Trev directly. That's one of the best things in staying 24/7 with my baby. Nothing beats that. :-) 

I am no longer taking Fenugreek now but I am still taking supplements to maintain my milk supply. Thanks to another former officemate (who's also a new breastfeeding mom now) who introduced me to Life Oil Malunggay Supplement. :-)

Breastmilk is still the best liquid gold you could give your baby, that's what I think. And I am very happy and I feel really blessed that I have been breastfeeding my son for 15 months now and still counting, still going strong. Breastfeeding definitely has a lot of benefits. Everything that we went through is worth it. It is great too that I have a very loving husband who supports me all the way through my breastfeeding journey. Cracked, sore and bleeding nipples during the first few weeks of our breastfeeding journey is nothing compared to the nourishment it gives my baby, plus the bond between us grew much stronger. I just love the feeling especially when he crawls onto me and touches me, lifts my shirt and babbles words that I don't understand. Haha! All I know is he needs me. And it's time for him to feed and it's time for us to snuggle. :-)

Nursing Trev while waiting for his pedia. :-)

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