My Dancing Baby - With Video :-)

We went to my brother's wedding last Sunday. Glad to have attended because I have seen a lot of my relatives whom I haven't seen for a while. Also, the last time I attended a wedding was my own wedding almost 2 years ago, wehe!

The wedding was somewhat emotional for me. I will probably blog about that later. Meanwhile, I want to show you my dancing baby. He knows a lot of tricks already and this is just one of those. Trev kasi loves music and everytime he hears one, he would dance with the tune. Depende pa yan if mabagal or mabilis yung tune. If mabilis, aba mabilis din ang dance niya, if mabagal, sway sway lang siya, hahaha! So, here he was dancing when we were at the wedding. He looks so adorable and so cute (wala pong kokontra ha, anak ko yan, hahaha!)

Enjoy watching! :-)

We love you so much, anak! Be a good boy always, okay? Everyday, I thank God for you.
 May He bless you always, baby. *Big hug from Tatay and Nanay*

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