My OB Visit + Bibo Trev :-)

Oh, no no no! I am not pregnant again. :-)

It was just my annual OB check up so Allan, Trev and I went to Healthway, SM The Block last Saturday. My OB, whom I really, really like, advised me last year to visit her again after one year for me to undergo pap smear. So, after one year and three months, we went to visit her. It was nice seeing her again. When I was still pregnant, I love going to her because she makes you feel very comfortable and she's very accommodating. And our recent visit is no different. She even asked about Trev and gave some unsolicited advices on how we can develop him as he grows, which Allan and I appreciated so much. I was so proud of my little one because nagpa-bibo siya kay doc. He didn't cry, thank God! On any usual circumstances kasi, Trev would cry if a stranger or someone he'd seen only for the first time, plays with or just talks to him. He adjusts and acclimatizes naman after a while but you're sure to deal with a bout of crying before he starts playing with you. Blame it to stranger anxiety, tsk tsk. But when he saw doctora, wow! Not a single tear. It was the very first time that he didn't cry over a stranger. He also didn't cry when he saw doctora's assistant. Nagpabibo pa talaga ang baby!

Nanay: Trev, where's your tummy?
Trev points to his tummy.
Nanay: Where's your nose?
Trev points to his nose.
Nanay: Where's your hair?
Trev points to his hair.
Nanay: Trev, where's your ears?
Trev points to his ear.
Nanay: Where's your shoes?
Trev looks down to his shoes.
Nanay: Where's your teeth?
Trev shows his teeth (err tongue, kasi whenever he shows his teeth, he touches his teeth with his tongue kaya tongue niya nakikita. wehehe.)
Nanay: Where's your right foot?
Trev raises his right foot.
Nanay: Where's the light, anak?
Trev raises his head up and looks at the light.

Trev, Nanay is very, very proud of you, anak. Stage mother ang peg ko! Haha! Tuwang tuwa si doktora. She even suggested so many things so we can improve pa Trev's skills. Hmm, ako ba magpapacheck up dito or pedia na rin si doc? Joke! My OB is just like that, very nice talaga siya. :-)

So there, my OB performed na my pap smear. I was shocked because in-IE din niya ako! Haha! Akala ko pregnant lang ang ina-IE, hindi pala. Toinks! Anyway, she said everything's okay naman with me. We'll just have to wait na lang for the pap smear result next week for other findings. Nagulat lang ako because she said aside from pap smear, she'll do Transvaginal Ultrasound (TVS) din pala on me. Akala ko ulit, buntis lang ang tini-TVS, di naman ako buntis ah! Wehehe. Yun pala, it was just part of my check up routine daw. She'll check on my uterus and ovaries. Buti na lang, everything is now covered by my health card (Thanks to my hubby, nagflexben siya wehehe), unlike when I was still pregnant, we had to pay for pap smear and TVS kasi it's maternity-related noon. Now, hindi na.

Okay, so since my OB is also a sonologist, she was the one to perform the TVS, too. The ultrasound room was just beside her clinic so we just waited for my turn after my health card's approval. Meanwhile, Trev and Allan were both playing around the area while we were waiting. Trev was in his best mood, running here and there down the corridor. Napagod ang Tatay kakahabol sa kanya, haha! He even played hide and seek with the nurse. He kept tugging his head inside his Tatay's legs while hiding from the nurse. I felt so proud kasi hindi siya nahihiya and he didn't cry. Nakapag-adjust na kasi siya. So far, the only person na iniyakan niya was si manong guard. Pero, after a while naman, nakipag-play na rin siya. The two manong guards kasi at Healthway have seen us since I was pregnant, so natutuwa sila pag nakikita nila si Trev ngayon, big boy na! Hopefully, he'll be like that all the time para maaliw sila, Trev kasi is a very happy baby talaga. Shy type lang talaga, mana sa akin. :-)

After a while, my OB's assistant called me na for my TVS. Before my OB went inside the ultrasound room,  I heard her play with Trev pa. So sincere, I like my OB talaga. So ayun, TVS na niya ako pag pasok niya sa room. It was awkward again kasi nakakapanibago. I told her my legs were shaking. She just laughed and said "Hanggang ngayon ba naman?". Haha! Yeah. :-)

She explained to me everything that she sees while she performed the ultrasound. She said that the lining in my uterus is very thin, that's the reason why I haven't had my period until now. It's been 15 months since I had given birth to Trev. Ang tagal na noh? Well, actually, if you'll include the time I was pregnant, dalawang taon na akong walang period! Nakalimutan ko na ata yung feeling! :-O

Anyway, as she went on with the ultrasound, she said that my left ovary is polycystic. My right ovary is the one that's ovulating, dun galing yung corpus luteum ko when I got pregnant, so that's where Trev came from. :-) She said, she has yet to determine based from the pap smear the reason why my left ovary is polycystic, it could be hormonal or it might just be because I'm exclusively breastfeeding. Actually, I am not sure if what I am saying now is the exact same thing that she said, medyo nawindang kasi ako when she said that Polycystic Ovary (PCO) is a disease! (According to Wikipedia, PCO is not necessary for diagnosing PCOS, but is a common sign. As many as 30% or more of women with PCOS do not have PCO as a sign.) Parang lahat ng sinabi niya, nililipad na lang ng hangin. Basta, I heard her say that estrogen comes from my breastmilk and progesterone comes from the contraceptive pill she prescribed me which I have been taking for one year now. Pero according to her, sa tingin niya, wala naman daw akong PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Hindi pa daw syndrome yung akin. Anyway, wait daw muna namin yung pap smear result. Gosh, I hope the "disease" is not something bad naman. After she finds out the result of the pap smear, then she can give me some medicine that could help me with my polycystic left ovary. She also mentioned that I have retroverted uterus, that I know na kasi she found out about that the first time she performed TVS on me when I was pregnant with Trev. 

Okay, so tomorrow we'll get the results of my pap smear, I hope everything's all right.

Pictures muna before I end this post. Enjoy your weekend! :-)

Late lunch before going back to my OB. Nagpapacute kami kay Tatay. Gusto kasi ni Trev ng carbonara. :-)

That's my cutie date! Holding hands while walking kami! LOL. :-)
Napagod na si Tatay kakahabol kay Trev. :-)

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