Trev's First Hair Cut

We've been planning to bring Trev to his first ever hair cut ever since he turned 1. But we were able to do so two months after his first birthday. Hubby and I brought Trev at Cuts 4 Tots SM The Block. We just wanted him to have a simple hair trim at first just so he can get the feel of being in the "barber shop". 

So, off we went to Cuts 4 Tots last December 30, just before the new year! New year, new hair! :-)
We asked the receptionist about their rates for first hair cut. She offered us the certificate too. Last I checked, their rate including the certificate costs a little less than Ph500 but the receptionist told us it's Ph500++ now. I can't really recall how much exactly (I also lost the receipt already), but we paid I think Ph520. Well, more or less. By the way, if I may say, the receptionist is not the cheerful type, knowing that she works in a hair salon with kids and babies as customers.

The hair salon was full surprisingly. It was almost new year so we thought people might be busy with the celebration already but it was full packed. Too bad I was not able to take a picture of the salon with all the customers in. After a while, we were asked to put Trev in one of the car seats. At first, Trev doesn't want to sit down. If you may know, Trev is a shy little baby when in front of other people. But after a little while, he enjoyed his car seat and started playing. The receptionist took a picture of him for the "Before" photo for the certificate. When the barber arrived, he asked us to transfer Trev to another car seat. Oh no! Not a good idea. Trev started to cry until after the barber finished trimming his hair. Hubby had to carry him already because he wouldn't stop crying. Tsk tsk! :-( I tried to distract him by showing him toys but to no avail. I even asked the barber for bubbles. Trev loves bubbles but when I started blowing, he still wouldn't stop crying. Even the cartoons that was playing on the screen can't distract him and get his attention. Oh my poor baby. If only the barber didn't tell us to transfer Trev to the other car seat, I'm sure he wouldn't cry and just enjoy his time playing.

The hair cut was finished just after a few minutes. I was surprised it was done already. I thought the barber was just getting something from somewhere. He was gone and the next thing I knew he was already with another customer. Wow, he didn't even ask us if we're okay with the cut already. I thought it was not finished yet because Trev's bangs was still crooked (When we went home and Trev was sleeping, I cut his bangs straight by the way :-)). He didn't even brush away the hair that was all over my baby's neck and body. I was even the one who got the brush and brushed the hair from my baby. I don't know if that's their procedure but as far as I know, barbers even on adults brushes away the cut hair strands on their customer's neck at least. Good thing I brought his baby powder, brushing the hair from his neck and body became easy. We brought him to the play area so he would stop crying. When he found the toys and some new playmates (other baby customers), he was back to his happy self. We took some photos and change his shirt so he won't get itchy. While we were allowing Trev to enjoy playing, the receptionist went to us and asked if she could take the "AFTER" photo. But when she went to my baby, Trev started crying again so I asked her if she could go back after a while. When Trev stopped, I called the receptionist again so she could take his photo. When we were already packing our things, the receptionist went to us again and asked me to choose what design of certificate we want. There were two options, one landscape and one portrait. We chose the landscape. She said we can get the certificate after two weeks. 

Overall, we were happy that Trev finally had his first ever hair cut. Although, my husband and I were not very pleased with the entire customer service. Next time Trev needs a hair cut, we will try other kiddie salon too. Well, my story is just based on our own personal experience with Cuts 4 Tots The Block, I am not sure with other customers who went there though. I hope they did not experience the same thing. I hope the receptionist would be more cheerful and customer friendly next time so customers can enjoy their stay there. Who knows, we might go back there for my little boy's hair cut again in the future. :-)

My little brave boy. He was still very brave despite all the cries.

My version of his BEFORE and AFTER shot. It felt like my little baby transformed into a little man right before my very eyes. :-)
His First Haircut Certificate. We were able to claim this yesterday. Excuse the "simangot look" of my little one.  :-)

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