Trev's Little Booboos :-(

Allan and I have always been very protective of our son (well, lahat naman siguro ng magulang protective sa anak, di ba?). We make sure that he's always safe and healthy. Minsan nga, feeling ko mas OA pa 'ko sa husband ko, haha! I get so paranoid kasi kahit wala naman dapat ipag-alala. Di ko mapigilan eh, nanay ako eh! Haha! It comes out naturally. I guess, if you have a baby, you can never become too overboard with protecting your little one. He needs all the attention, love and care you could give now since baby pa siya and he couldn't protect himself yet, right? 

The reason why I mentioned that is because Trev has a little scratch on his right knee, mababaw lang naman pero I got so paranoid talaga. I don't want him to get hurt, no matter what. I don't know where or how he got that tiny scratch, and although he doesn't seem to mind, I do! :-(

Aww, my poor baby. :-(

A few days after that, he got another one! Another tiny scratch on his face. This one is much lighter than the one on his knee but again, it got me so worried!

The scratch is very light and he doesn't mind this one too but still, it's a booboo. :-(

I honestly don't know where he got those scratches. Our bedroom has undergone a lot of babyproofing already. All of the walls are padded, the floor is padded, we removed our bed and just put down our mattress on the floor, we removed his crib too and put down his mattress beside ours so parang japanese style na ang bedroom namin, our electric fan has a net cover, the bedroom door has a gate, his toys inside the bedroom has a storage box, name it! We might have already done it inside our room. But still, he had booboos. :-(

And if you think that's the only thing he got, well sadly, no. The other day, he just finished his meal and was playing at the sala with his Tatay, walking here and there. He was clumsily walking and then suddenly, he tumbled down and bumped his head on the floor. Ouch! I picked him up right away, iyak nang iyak. He got a little bruise on his forehead. 

I don't know what happened. But, one minute I was looking, and then I just looked away for a second and then there he was with his booboos. Sad. 

Maybe he's getting more malikot na these days since he's a growing up boy. He goes anywhere and everywhere around the house (with me or his Tatay looking after him of course). Eversince he learned how to walk unassisted, ayan, he's so ecstatic he would jump and walk around everywhere, hahaha! It's so amusing how he grows up so fast, parang nahipan lang! Oh well, I think I just have to be more careful next time and keep an eye on him double time. Hay, the things with first time moms like me... I guess my husband is right anyway, sabi niya kasi "Falling down is part of growing up." Tama, di ba? And of course, we, parents, should always be there to catch them every single time. :-) Ayoko na kaya magka-booboo siya ulit! (Pero, admit it, what he said also applies when your little one grows up na, di ba? :-)

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