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I have been a fan of Baby Bench Cologne in Bubble Gum scent for a long time. When my baby reached one year old, I started using the same baby cologne on him. Not that I don't like his natural baby scent, I so love it. It's just that I wanted him to feel and smell fresh especially on hot days, he sweats a lot by the way. But don't get me wrong again, I also love his sweaty smell, hahaha, ewww? No, I love my son's scent no matter what. :-)

Anyway, going back, I love putting on colognes so I wanted my baby to smell fresh too. So far, my husband Allan, who's very picky (and I mean VERY picky) when it comes to scents, likes it too. Allan is very maselan with scents and has been using the same cologne for I think as long as I can remember, Bullet by Zen Zest. I love the scent of Bullet and it already created Allan's identity in my brain, whenever I miss him, the scent lingers in my brain and it's like a nostalgic feeling. Haha, cheesy!  :-)

One day, as I was lurking over the internet, I came across a forum about baby toiletries, hahaha! Yes, here we go again with baby toiletries. Moms have been raving about the scents of Denenes and Nenuco (Spain brands daw)! They said that they used this when they were young, and use these on their babies now. I honestly am not familiar with these scents. I don't know why, maybe because all I know when I was young was J&J Colognes. Haha! They said though that it's now hard to find those colognes. Some moms said that they still get to buy those at some PX stores and sometimes available in Landmark. So, the curious mom in me went to Landmark one time to look for it. But sadly, I didn't find any. All I saw were other Spain brands too like Para Mi Bebe, Gotas De Oro and Trompy. They said that the scent of these colognia infantil are very similar with Denenes and Nenuco. I tested it of course. Here's what I can say:

Para Mi Bebe: Please don't get me wrong, but in my personal opinion, I didn't like the scent of this baby cologne. :-(

Gotas De Oro: I like the Sport version, but I personally didn't like the Suave version. 

Trompy: So far, of the three, this I liked the most. 

So, ang ending, since Trev's Baby Bench Cologne is almost consumed, I bought the Trompy Colognia Infantil. :-)

I purchased the big bottle (400ml)  which cost I think a little less than Ph200.

I was so happy with my purchase! At least, kahit I was not able to find Denenes or Nenuco, I got naman the Trompy. Of course, Trev and I tried it. And so far, I like the fresh scent. I still love Baby Bench cologne though. :-)

One day, I asked Allan what he thinks about the scent of Trompy. He said, "Ang gara ng amoy, amoy insekto!" Hahahahaha! Pasensya na sa mga fans ng Trompy, it's just him. Oh well, that's VERY him. Very maselan lang talaga siya with scents. Hay, just when Trev and I are already enjoying the scent, epic fail pala ang purchase ko! I should have bought na lang pala Baby Bench Bubble Gum Cologne para sure. 

P. S.
I love you, mahal ko! Di kita nilalaglag ha. I'm just amused with your reaction! :-)

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