Allan's Request: Macaroni Salad

Even when  we were still BF-GF, I have always been very fond of cooking for Allan, regardless if he likes it or not! LOL! What I have always done before was, I would cook for him at home then when we see each other on a date, I would bring him whatever I prepared and we would eat it at the food court of the mall we're at. Tacky ba? Not for us though. I find it sweet and I think (I think?) Allan likes it too. I don't do it naman all the time, only when I find a new recipe that I think he would like. 

So, now that we're married, he sometimes requests me to cook something for him. The other day, he requested me to make macaroni salad. He even went out of his way to buy all the ingredients needed so wala na akong choice kundi gawin yun! Haha! No, seriously, I like doing that. Actually, before, he always requests me to prepare fruit salad, but for a change siguro kaya macaroni salad naman. Sometimes, I make refrigerated cake for him, too. Anyway, I'll probably find time in the future to do that. You see, it's not easy to find time nowadays with a toddler in tow roaming around anywhere you go! LOL! So, I make sure that Trev is already sleeping soundly so I can creep into our kitchen like a thief so he doesn't wake up yet. Any little sound could wake him up. Probably when he's grown a little more, I can make him join me in the kitchen. I would love that! For now kasi, whenever I try, he would just play with everything on the table eh. Haha! I can't leave him naman to play on his own because he would really demand your attention and cry a lot. So, I would rather that he's asleep while I keep myself busy in the kitchen.

I made these as fast as I could, hoping Trev extends his sleep more. I made two batches kasi. Ang dami pala kasi nung macaroni. So I decided to prepare chicken macaroni salad and the other one was sweetened macaroni salad with freshly cut apples. Actually, the apples were just a remainder from Trev's fruits, sayang naman so since the sweetened macaroni looked pale with just its plain all-white color, I decided to add the apples in it. In fairness, okay pala siya. 

I texted Allan and told him that I made the macaroni salad na. I was hoping he would come home earlier so he can taste it na. Ang reply niya sa 'kin, "Sinabi mo agad? Dapat surprise? :-)" Oh, di ba, I told you so. I was hoping kasi nga that he would come home early kaya sinabi ko agad. Later that evening, he texted me and said that they're required to stay at the office overnight because of the project they're working on. Hay, na-sad ako. Excited pa naman ako. Much later that evening, aba nag-brown out! Nataranta ang lola niyo. Oh no, ang macaroni salad ko, baka masira! More than anything, takot si Trev pag pitch black ang paligid. I immediately texted Allan to tell him about the brown out. He called me and instructed me how to put batteries on his camp light. Good thing I was able to turn it on, at least Trev was less afraid already. So, ayun, paypay dito, paypay dun ako kay Trev, init na init na siya. It was already past midnight. Good thing, it only took around 45 mins and nagkakuryente na ulit. Sigh. Okay na si Trev and okay na rin ang salad ni Allan. :-)

Allan went home around brunch time the following day so I was excited to let him taste the salad I made for him. He liked the chicken macaroni salad better daw. But he likes the sweetened macaroni too. Weeeh! Happy wifey! :-) The other day, he even bought kaong to be added to the sweetened macaroni. :-)

Here are the salads I made for my husband. Hangdami di ba? We finished it in 3 days! LOL!

Left: Sweetened Macaroni Salad, Right: Chicken Macaroni Salad
Labor of Love. :-)

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