Trev And His Toy Walis, Bow! :D

I'm not sure if I have already mentioned it in this blog but Trev is really fascinated with walis. Yes, walis! As in walis tambo, in english broom! LOL! I don't know why. Basta, he so enjoys watching us or anyone sweep the floor. Isama mo na ang mop, he likes that too! Oftentimes, he would point at our broom at home and always wants to get it and if we finally give in and hand it to him, naku he giggles a lot and he would sweep the floor happily! 

Look! Hay, tuwang tuwa siya sa walis!

Ayan, pati yung walis nung maintenance gusto niya kunin! LOL!

You can't see it here pero he was actually looking at the janitor of Healthway. May dala kasing mop si manong. Haha!

He cries when I resist giving him the broom. Syempre, dirty yung walis di ba? So, I don't give in at once hoping he'd divert his attention to something more clean, hihi! I try to distract him with other toys but no, he would still insist on getting the walis! Haha! Of course, I keep a close eye on him while he's "sweeping" the floor, baka hawakan niya yung brush nung walis eh. 

So, imagine my joy when I saw this at Japan Homes last week!

Dust Mate from Japan Homes, Ph88 lang! :-)

Trev and I went to Trinoma last week and dropped by at Japan Homes. I love Japan Homes because there are lots of home items that you can buy at very affordable prices. I was so happy when I saw this Dust Mate, it was the perfect size for Trev! He can use it as a toy broom! I didn't buy it at once because we're going to Landmark first to check out other stuffs and wait for Allan. I just made a mental note to go back to Japan Homes to get that broom for Trev. I excitedly told Allan about it when he arrived to fetch us so after buying the things that we need inside Landmark, we went back to Japan Homes and got it for Trev. Yey!

My very happy baby with his new toy! :-)

 When we got home, I gave Trev his new toy and he was so happy! He was giggling and laughing while "sweeping" the floor. Haha! At least now, hindi na niya pagdidiskitahan yung walis tambo namin. This time, clean na yung walis niya kasi exclusively used as toy na lang niya yan. Nakakatuwa nga kasi whenever he sees even a small something in his bed, like say a small stray paper perhaps, he would get his broom and sweep it away! Haha! Malinis! So glad meron niyan sa Japan Homes. Sana lang mas marami pang items meron sila like the Saizen store in Robinsons' Galleria. 

Happy baby = happy parents ulit kami with our new find! :-)

How about you guys, do you have any quirky or weird toys for your kids? Feel free to comment below. :-)

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