Anniversary Teaser + Bibo Trev Part 2

February 2 2011, that was the day I married the man I love. Today marks our second year as husband and wife and I can never be much happier.

To Tatay, I love you dearly and you know that. I love you and Trev to the moon and back and you both are the best things that ever happened in my life.

So, how did we celebrate our second year wedding anniversary? You see, we are a very simple family and grand celebration is not on our list as of the moment (merong "as of the moment" talaga?). I'll just tell you how our day went today. 

Trev and Tatay before going to SM.

Nanay and Trev :-)

Today was the schedule of Trev's pedia check up and my OB check up (I repeat, I'm not pregnant, haha! We just  made a follow up for my pap smear and TVS result which I mentioned here.) So, we went to Healthway first and registered. 

Napagod na naman si Tatay kakahabol kay Trev. Trev was all around the place! :-)

After that, we had our late lunch in one of the fast foods inside the mall and went back to Healthway and had our check up done. 

Look at that smile! :-)

Kahit sa loob ng Healthway, Trev was everywhere! Haha! Si Allan tagahabol. :-)

Trev was in his best mood once again and I'm really happy that he's slowly overcoming his stranger anxiety. He was all bibo again to almost everybody especially to my OB. He wasn't so bibo with his pedia though, maybe he knows that he'll get hurt once his pedia injects him the vaccine. He cried all the way when we were at his pedia. But after his pedia check up and we went to my OB for mine, abah! Ayun, he was back to his happy self again. My OB and her assistant was so amused and entertained.

Nanay: (while singing Incy Wincy Spider) Incy, Wincy Spider went up the water spout...
Trev automatically put his fingers together and made the incy wincy action.

He loves Marie Biscuits and all the while we were inside my OB's clinic, he was eating. Doctora was so amused watching him eat, he looked too cute!

Before we went out of the clinic after my check up...

Nanay: Trev, flying kiss kay doctora.
Trev put his right hand on his lips and made flying kisses to the wall, not facing doctora! Haha!

Doctora laughed. :-)

Nanay: Trev, say bye bye doctora.
Trev waved bye bye to doc. He can't talk yet.

I'm one, proud nanay once again. Trev, Tatay and I love you soooo much! :-)

After our check up, we just went for a quick stroll at the mall (it was on sale today!) and bought Trev new shoes because his OKB shoes looked kawawa na. We found one from Disney. It was originally priced at Ph800 but we got it for only Ph300, oh di ba? Sulit!

Disney Shoes at SM 3-Day Sale. Cute!

We just passed by Jollibee and bought dinner afterwards. Oh, almost forgot, after our check up pala, Allan said that we're going to pick up his surprise for me. In my mind, anu kaya yung surprise na yun? :-) We went to Tous Les Jours and Allan got this super, super pretty "Rose Cake" for me. Aww, minsan sweet din naman pala itong asawa ko noh? Wehehe, I love you, mahal ko! No, seriously, I was really touched. After we got the fab cake, bought Trev's shoes and our dinner, we went home and had a simple anniversary celebration. 

At Tour Les Jours, SM The Block, with Trev and the fab "Rose Cake". Look, a lot of super cute cakes at the back ground. Love it! :-)

Look at this super fabulous cake! Parang I don't wanna slice it anymore, LOL! I like it the way it is. Thank you so much, mahal ko! :-)

So, that wraps up the day. Oh, I'll write another post na lang how we celebrated our simple dinner at home. :-)

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