Baby Bench Cologne

My husband is really not very fond of the Trompy cologne I bought for Trev. Tsk tsk! Sayang. So ang ending, I haven't been using it for quite some time now. Ayun, it has been sitting inside Trev's drawer, kawawa naman ang Trompy cologne! Sino kaya ang puwedeng umampon sa Trompy cologne namin, sayang kasi. Ang laki pa naman nung bottle. :-(

Since I love putting cologne on Trev (and on myself too, hihi!), I decided to go back to my good old favorite Baby Bench Cologne. I bought these (or should I say, I made lambing Allan to buy these, LOL! Thanks, mahal ko!) the other day when the three of us went grocery shopping.

Two of my favorite scents. Bubble Gum and Jelly Bean :-)

 So far, Baby Bench Cologne didn't fail me. Allan likes the scent! Yey! So, I'm glad to say that I will stick with this baby cologne for now. Whatever makes Allan and Trev happy, the wife slash mom is happy as well! Yipee! :-)

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