Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

I love weekends. I always look forward to it. It's the time of the week when the three of us (my husband Allan, our baby Trev and myself) bond together. Yes, we have bonding moments during weekdays but it's only during weekends that we spend the whole 24 hours together. Allan has work on weekdays so we really make the most out of our weekends as a family. The two days that we spend during weekends is indeed not enough but we make the most out of it all the time. Regardless if we go out or just stay at home, the important thing is we spend a quite and relaxing weekend. But what better way but to spend the weekend just chilling at our humble abode. We could do so many things together. 

Allan is a huge fan of of fruit shakes. Since he bought our blender, he would always buy fruits for us to make into fruit shakes. Especially for Trev, who loves fruits too. We would usually do it on weekends. But there's one downside about blending fruits at home. Our blender is so noisy! Trev is so afraid of the sound that he would cry non-stop and hug either me or his Tatay so tight because he's so frightened of the sound. Sigh. That ruins our weekend, which is supposed to be relaxing. Not good.

Actually, we discovered that Trev doesn't like the sound of our blender when I was still making home made baby food for him. Whenever I start blending his food, he would cry with the sound of the machine. But I had no choice but to still use our blender. 

Then I saw Mommy Fleur's review on this product. I told Allan, how I wish I knew about the Electrolux Powermix SILENT Blender before we even bought the one we're using now. It would have made our weekends truly relaxing. I bet, Trev would even help in preparing our fruit shakes with this blender. And I imagine Allan enjoying his favorite movie while waiting for us make his fruit shake without being interrupted by the noise. Electrolux might really be thinking of users like us when they made this product. Really amazing!

The other weekend, we cleaned  our room using our new vacuum cleaner. I mentioned that in my previous post. Little did we know that the sound was so loud too that Trev got so frightened again. Tsk tsk. Our weekend which was supposed to be spent just relaxing and enjoying each other was ruined again. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have never held a vacuum cleaner all my life until my husband bought one. Had I known what features to look for in a vacuum cleaner, I could have suggested it to Allan. Then I saw this again from Electrolux when I read about Mommy Frances' review. It was love at first sight! No kidding! The quietest vacuum cleaner ever! Meet the Electrolux Ultrasilencer Green. It's exactly what I want for our home. To bring peace and harmony in our home, no noise, only relaxation! Using this, I imagine Trev following me while cleaning our humble abode. He could be playing beside me while totally ignoring that I am using a vacuum cleaner. That is what you call relaxing.

As a stay at home wife and mom with no househelp, I sometimes find time to do my other chores at night, when both my darlings are sleeping. But with the blender and vacuum cleaner that we have right now, I can't finish my chores without waking up my baby or hubby. 

How I wish we had these appliances from Electrolux. I was like, "Oh, so there really is such a thing like these! A silent blender and vacuum cleaner? I wish to have one for our home!". I mean, Electrolux really live to their promise. These are definitely household must-haves. It will absolutely make spending weekends at home more relaxing and enjoyable. 

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