Get Rewarded by Sharing! So Easy! :-)

You know what, as a stay at home wife and mom, surfing the world wide web became one of my hobbies. I get the chance to blog, check my other social media accounts, read articles here and there, and admit it, I get rewarded sometimes. Hihi!

I recently joined ChurpChurp and it's really a very nice community. What is ChurpChurp by the way? Based on their website: 

Churp Churp is a community for people who live and breathe social media, just like you!
Here are some of the things you can do at Churp Churp:
-Get cash rewards for sharing brand messages.
-Discover what people are reading or watching on the Internet.
-Be part of an awesome community and meet like-minded friends.
If you love sharing with your friends on the latest happenings, trends and brands that you like and love, then Churp Churp is definitely for you. Hop on board, and we'll make sure you never miss out on any updates; besides campaign updates and cool stories, there are always upcoming contests and events we hold exclusively for the Churp Churp community! Awesome, yes?

I find ChurpChurp very interesting because you not only earn rewards by sharing using your Facebook, Twitter or other social media, you also get the chance to know other people and read some cool and funny articles submitted by other fellow Churpers. I discovered a lot of interesting reads already and I'm hooked. 

Why not join us and let's all have fun.
Join ChurpChurp now! :) Get rewarded for your social networks! It's really cool!  

For those of you who are interested, you can click this link to register. It's absolutely free and everyone can join, regardless if you're working or stay at home like me! :-)


  1. This is the first time I heard about this one. I might try this as part of passive earning online.

    1. go na po, sir! partner ng nuffnang ang churpchurp so it's reliable. :-)


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