How We Celebrated Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

So, this is a continuation of my post on how our day went last February 2, our wedding anniversary. The event didn't stop there. Of course, we had a simple celebration at home. Well, just the three of us: Allan, Trev and myself. We had dinner and then had fun with the fabulous rose cake Allan bought from Tous Les Jours which I also mentioned in my previous post. Yeah, we had fun taking pictures of the cake, that is. I really have no idea what that cake is called that's why I keep calling it "rose cake". Suits it naman, right? LOL! After dinner, Allan opened the gifts Trev and I prepared for him. I'm so glad he likes it. Oh, we had a taste of the cake at midnight, by the way. Trev smashed it before we even got the chance to eat it! Funny! 

So, that's how we celebrated our second year as husband and wife. Simple as it is, but we're very happy and it's all that matters. We're looking forward to more and more years together. :-)

Here's a photoblog of some of the pictures we took that day. 

The super nice cake from Tous Les Jours.

Our simple dinner. Oh di ba, kiddie party lang ang peg? LOL! Joke.

I really can't get enough of this pretty, pretty cake so here's another pic. :-)

Trev looks very curious with the cake candles. Haha! :-)

Sneaky Trev, trying to get some spaghetti. He likes spaghetti!

After dinner, fun photoshoot! Mukang ayaw ni Trev, he's trying to get away from us! Haha!

Trev "reading" the anniversary card I gave Allan.

Trev looks really curious with what his Tatay is doing.

Smiling Trev after Tatay opened the gifts.

Look at their hands. They're doing the same gesture. Funny! :-)

Another photo of the fab rose cake. Just before we got a taste of it.

Oh no! Trev smashed the cake! Look at his left hand! Haha! :-)

The smashed cake c/o Trev. But it still looks pretty, isn't it?

Okay, here goes. Time to judge the taste. :-)

Yummy cake. See that white cream? I really like the taste of that better than the red. Allan was told that the flavor was strawberry yoghurt. That explains why the red part tasted a little sour, because of the strong strawberry flavor. It also has fresh strawberries as filling. Overall, it's delish! :-)

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