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As a newbie blogger like me, one of the things that I really wish to have is a personal domain that I own. Of course, Blogger provides me with all the things that I want to show my blog but having another that you own would be somewhat more fulfilling I think. But since I am still new in blogosphere, I still have a lot to learn and I know, that time will come. But one fine day, Infinite.ly made my one wish happened. Maybe you're asking, what is Infinite.ly? Read on.

I started blogging six years ago; I was using Wordpress back then. After a few posts, I stopped and left the blog world because I became too caught up with my job I couldn’t continue anymore. Fast forward 2011, I got married then eventually got pregnant. I so wanted to document my pregnancy so I went back into blogging again using my Multiply site as my domain. I was suffering from pregnancy – induced carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) that time so again, I was not able to continue after a few posts because the pain of CTS became unbearable. But blogging is fun so when I became a stay at home mom, I finally had more time so I went back to blogosphere using Blogger and I plan to stay. If you noticed, I have been in and out of blogosphere for quite some time now but actually been using free domains. 

Free domains are easy to use even if you have just seen it for the first time. However, some people find using free domains as somewhat informal. Well actually, I don’t and I am fine with a free domain. But that wish of having my own personal domain with a topic that I want, which is of course about my journey as a wife and mom, keeps coming back in my mind. 

I was so happy when I found out about Infinite.ly. They offer really affordable plans and once you get to know the ins and outs on how to navigate the system, you will end up with a really beautiful website. I have been working on my website powered by Infinite.ly for a few days now and I am still learning but so far, I’m getting there. 

Here's my new blog by Infinite.ly. Still raw but so far, so good! :-)

Hmm, I don't know, I guess it's just me, but, I have to be honest though that the system is not the same as Blogger or Wordpress, but I know that once I learn all its features, it’s going to be fun! For someone who isn’t very techie like me and for someone who is used to free domains with easy to navigate features, it might become a little confusing at first to use Infinite.ly but I tell you, once you get to know how to use its features, they will provide you with a really promising website! I have seen their gallery of finished websites and I must say that it’s really awesome! If you use Infinite.ly and finally learn how to use its features, once you finish your own website, it’s actually like you hired a professional to make it for you. Truly wonderful! And what I love about them is that they have Facebook, Twitter and other social media widgets that you can easily add to your website by just simply dragging and dropping it! Isn’t that great? You know how important social media is for bloggers like us! Of course, there’s their custom HTML widget where you can add your HTML codes for other features like videos, embed music or other things that will make your website more interesting. 

What’s ever more wonderful is that they also offer free hosting with a subdomain of http://myname.infinite.ly. If you want, you can then own that domain if you upgrade for a very minimal price yearly! To be honest, there are a few hiccups here and there when using their system, but in my personal experience of using it, it’s manageable. Besides, I believe that they are constantly releasing new features so I'm very excited!

True to what they say, Infinite.ly is the perfect page builder for products, events or personal profiles. If you want to try this awesome page builder, visit Infinite.ly and launch your site in JUST 60 seconds because Infinite.ly will handle everything for you!

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