Jollibee Dance - With Video :-)

Trev enjoyed watching Jollibee when he danced at Yuri's first birthday party. Yes, he was afraid of the mascot at first but when Jollibee started dancing, he liked him na. I even did not delete this video from our digicam because everytime, Trev would point to it whenever we mention "Jollibee", he'll watch the video over and over again. As always, he would dance with the tune too, how cute! Good thing, I was able to capture it on video. Minsan, panlibang na rin kay Trev, LOL! :-)

Note: I was informed that others can't view this video here in my blog. As much as I wanted to post this vid directly thru blogger, I can't seem to do so because of a certain blogger error. :-(
 If you want to see Jollibee's dance posted here, you can check out my youtube link here.Thanks!

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