Meet Our New Gadget: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P-3100

Yes, we do have a new gadget and so far, the three of us (Allan, me and Trev) are enjoying it. 

Last Feb 3, actually that was the day after our second wedding anniversary (you may read about our simple anniversary celebration here and here), the three of us went to the mall again. Well, where else can we go? Parang dalawang tumbling lang ang mall from our place eh. Haha!

We were supposed to just stroll around and probably look for baby stuffs for Trev since it's the last day of SM's 3-Day Sale. Also, I told Allan that I wanted to bring Trev to this play area in The Annex but I was not sure what the place was or where it's exactly located inside the mall. So while strolling, Allan brought us at the 3rd Level and we saw Active Fun. Eureka! That was the place I was telling him! Happy! We went inside and just checked out the place. There were a lot of kids playing. The place was big and spacious but in my humble opinion it somehow needs renovation and lighting, wehehe! Actually, there was a posted note in the reception area that Active Fun will undergo renovation from last week of January until some time in February. But so far, we didn't see any renovation being started yet and it's already February. LOL! I told Allan that I wanted Trev to try and play there in the near future. He agreed so we might visit the place again soon! Hope the renovation is done by then, if any. :-)

Anyway, after checking out the place, we continued strolling around Annex and found ourselves at the top floor where the gadgets are being sold. They're on sale, too! 

Look at this pic below, he's wearing the Disney Shoes I mentioned in my previous post!
Love it! :-) 

Strolling around and checking out the gadgets. Look at my little boy, nauuna pa sa Tatay niya. Super excited siya!  :-)

Allan said that he wanted to check out the tablets available. In my mind, I was like "Hmmm, is my husband planning to buy one?" LOL! 

We went to this booth (if that's how you can call it) of MemoXpress and Allan inquired about the Samsung Tablets. 

Allan: (To the saleslady) Puwede ba yang gamitin ng wife ko pag kunwari, magbablog siya ganun? (Well, honestly I forgot his entire words but somehow, in essence, that was what he said. Hihi!)

Saleslady: Yes, sir, puwedeng puwede po!

Allan: (To me)  Buy natin para may new gadget ka sa bahay. 

Me: Di ba gadget naman yung laptop? 

Laptop lang kasi meron kami sa bahay. Pero, tama naman ako di ba? Gadget naman ang laptop!?

In my mind again, "Seriously, he's really going to buy it for me? Anu ito, anniversary gift?" Wehe!

Anyway, to make the long story short, yes he bought it. And the three of us went home happy with our new gadget.

Meet our new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P-3100  :-)

We were also so lucky that a lot of apps were installed by the sales person before handing us the gadget. Yes, I know, this isn't the latest gadget around but what the heck, this is the first time after a very loooong time that I held a new gadget in my hand, and meeeehnn, I'm so lost! Haha! Ganito pala ang sinasabi nilang tablet. Well, yeah, my cellphone and Allan's phone are both touch screen enabled, both wifi ready and has some of those techie techie stuff but of course, a tablet is way far from our cellphones. Now, I understood what those "apps" word mean, I always here that word kasi on TV. 

I knoooowww, I'm way too late for this. Well, you see, when I was still working in one of the best telcos in our country, I was so updated with all the new gadgets and cell phones around because my work calls for it. Modesty aside, I can even navigate a new cellphone I have never seen in person just by talking to a subscriber over the phone. But now, oh well, I'm so outdated with new technologies.

I guess Allan was right after all. The three of us have been busy exploring and enjoying this new gadget and so far, we're liking it a lot! We've downloaded some toddler and baby apps for Trev and he likes it too!

I was actually tentative and hesitant about buying this thing because, as you all know, I don't have work and I am just simply a stay at home wife and mom. Parang I feel like it will just add to our expenses and I couldn't even help Allan pay for it. He's the only one working real hard to support our family. Alam mo yun, parang feeling sad and guilty lang ako. I know Allan just wants me and Trev to be happy but honestly, we're happy with whatever things we have right now, with or without any new stuff, we're good. We can do away with those things. But I know, Allan just wants us to be happier. *sigh* I just hope and pray that God will bless our family because I really want to help Allan in whatever little way I can. To be honest, that was one of the reasons why I started this blog. Of course I enjoy this blog as it is, by just simply sharing my experiences as a wife and mom, but I also wanted to help and support Allan and Trev even while I'm just at home.

Anyway, I know that Allan will be happy if he buys the gadget so I conceded and let him go with it. So, you can say that this new buy is actually a "semi-gift" for our anniversary, "semi" because of course, it's not only for myself, it's for the three of us. Actually, I'm more excited about how Trev will take it. Kids nowadays are so updated with gadgets! Talo pa ang parents! Haha!

Look at my boys! Enjoy na enjoy sa bagong "toy" nila! Hihi! :-)

And my baby's super happy! Oh, mukang left handed ata ang Trev namin!

Okay, so that's it pansit! Maglalaro muna ako ng Temple Run habang tulog si Trev, wehehe! Joke! :-P

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