My First Vacuum Cleaner

This is actually a super late post. Last month (I told you, SUPER late, LOL!), my husband bought me a vacuum cleaner when we went to SM one time. Yes, vacuum cleaner, ang sweet niya noh?? Haha! Ang dami namang puwedeng iregalo sa akin, vacuum cleaner pa, JOKE! Seriously, I love it! Except for the noise.

I have a confession to make. I have never held a vacuum cleaner in my entire life! Akala ko dati, pang-carpet lang ang vacuum cleaner! Tsaka wala naman kasi kaming paggagamitan ng ganyan sa probinsya. Walis at lampaso or mop lang, keri na. Hihi! So, this is the first time that I was able to see and use a vacuum cleaner first hand. Maingay pala! Haha! :-)

Here's the vacuum cleaner that we bought from SM.

It's a portable hand vacuum. I think we bought this for around Ph2000, more or less.

The little one, before he heard the noise! LOL! :-)

So, the other weekend, we were finally able to use it. Our room needs a little bit more than a walis could offer. When we opened the box, I was so overwhelmed! There were a lot of parts and accessories! There were hoses, tubes, nozzles, brushes, I couldn't imagine using all of those accessories all at one time! Haha! Of course, Allan was the one who assembled it for me. He was even the first one to try it out. When the salesperson demonstrated us how to use it, we really didn't notice the sound. Trev was not even bothered at all. Maybe because we were still inside the mall and the vacuum cleaner didn't sound so noisy. YET. But when Allan turned it on at home, our baby got scared! Poor baby! 

You see, Trev is so afraid of the sound of our blender. Whenever I make baby food for him before, he would hold his Tatay so tight and cry non-stop because he doesn't like the noise coming out from the blender. And this vacuum cleaner is no exception. Good thing that after a while, he got used to the sound. He still kept tugging either me or Allan whenever he hears the sound but he isn't crying anymore. 

So, moving on, after Allan tried the vacuum cleaner for a few minutes, I told him that I wanted to try it too. I was so excited! Feel na feel ko ang maglinis, in fairness! Mainit lang yung exhaust niya, uhm... exhaust nga ba tawag dun? But, all in all, the experience was fun and exciting at the same time. Feeling maybahay ang peg ko talaga. Haha! Sana lang silent siya.

I wish though that we waited a month after before buying the vacuum cleaner. Sayang kasi yung Electrolux Nuffnang contest, sasali sana ako. Malay natin, masuwertehan. Haha, wish! Silent vacuum cleaner at blender pa man din yung prize. But, it's okay. Mababa pa ang confidence level ko as of now eh. In time, it will come. Malay natin, magbago pa isip ko. I have three days to decide and gather my confidence. Wish me luck! :-)

Update: No need to wait for three days. I have gathered enough confidence already. Hihi! I have an entry for the Electrolux contest! Wiiiii! Check it out here. Goodluck to me. Bow! :-)

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