My Weekday Shopping Finds at Landmark Trinoma

Last week, Trev and I went to Landmark Trinoma. Actually, that day, I texted Allan and told him that I wanted to bring Trev to the mall just to stroll. But I was contemplating on going because I might end up buying some things which are unimportant. Allan agreed that Trev and I go, he said he was going out from work early so he can fetch us. So I thought, if ever I end up buying something for Trev and for the house, I might as well set a budget so I won't go overboard. I was silently reminding myself that I am a stay at home wife and mom and have no job. Hihi!

So, there, Trev and I dressed up and went at around 5 in the afternoon. We dropped by at Japan Homes where I was able to buy the super nice toy broom for Trev that I mentioned in my previous post. Then, we went inside Landmark and I got him a few stuffs that he needs, like new pambahays and wipes. He's really getting bigger and some of his pambahays won't fit him anymore.  Allan arrived after like 30 minutes, he was fast! :-)

I told Allan that I wanted to check out the lady's section to see if I could find affordable shorts and dress. You see, I have no appropriate clothes already that I can wear when going out. Most of them are either too loose or too tight. Blame it to my post-pregnancy and breastfeeding body. Alanganin! Haha! I'm not really a dressy or shorts kind of person but I felt it would be more comfortable if I wear those. I can't really move around in jeans with a toddler in tow and I thought, dress and shorts are much easier to launder than jeans.

While I was scouring around the clothes looking for something my mere budget could afford (hihi!), Allan and Trev were busily playing around.

Trev playing at the mirror while I was busy checking out the clothes. Hihi!

LOL! Allan took these photos using his phone. Trev found that basket and started playing with it! :-)

After I got a few clothes, we went to the home section to check out some stuffs needed inside our kitchen.

While I was paying for my purchases, Trev and Tatay were playing on the cart and on the cashier area. :-)

Happy and content with my finds, we headed home already after we got Trev's toy broom at Japan Homes. We didn't notice that it was already past 8pm and Allan still has work the next day.

I want to show you what I got from Landmark. I was so happy I was able to stick with my budget. I even have a few change in my purse, yey! Mastering the art of budgeting is really something a newbie wife and mom should know. :-)

These were Trev's loot. Three sets of pambahay, bottom wipes, hand and mouth wipes and a pillow case. I didn't buy him panlakad clothes because he still has a lot and they still fit him. :-)

I'm not sure if you can see it but these are really affordable. The quality was definitely not compromised though because these are so soft and gentle on Trev's skin.

I really don't use baby wipes on Trev when we're just at home and haven't really gotten used one when we're out. He waits until we're  home before he do his thing, hihi! Good boy. The wipes in his diaper bag is nearing its expiration already so we need to restock, just in case. :-)

Like like! I super adore kitchen tools and stuffs and that section in the department store is really like heaven to me. Hihi!

They're all so affordable!

This is the first time I have seen something like this and I haven't seen one on TV too. I got curious so I purchased one. It's a little over Ph50 for 3 balls, so it's still cheap, nothing to lose. Besides, I need these if it's really effective. Sadly kasi, some of our produce inside the ref gets spoiled so, sayang. Has any of you used this? :-)

And, tadah! Here's my loot! :-)

Super like this mini dress. And it's so affordable!

This cutie mini dress is so nice too.

These pretty shorts are also good buys!

Everything that I got for myself was a little less than Ph1000 in total, would you believe! Galing! 

Maybe you're wondering why I didn't buy anything for Allan. Haha! Yeah, actually I didn't. And to think he allowed me to update my closet with new clothes. You see, I recently bought him three shirts last week, got the two from Human and one from Lee. That was my gift for him on our anniversary. So, the three of us have new stuffs inside our closet. Everyone happy! 

How about you? What are your new shopping finds that's affordable and friendly on the pocket? :-D

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