My Sweet Valentine!

So far, this year is the sweetest Valentine's Day celebration I have ever experienced yet. I have a very loving husband and a cutie patootie son. Last year, Trev was such a tiny, tiny baby so he couldn't appreciate the flowers and stuffs yet but this year, he was the first one to check out on everything. Such a sweetie!

After lunch of February 14, someone knocked at our door. I wasn't expecting anyone. Any of our bills aren't due anytime yet, hihi! So, I thought, who could it be? I carried Trev and we went to open the door. To my surprise, I saw a delivery man almost covered with a garden of flowers! Joke! Haha! Yeah, I saw a tall man carrying a bouquet of flowers! I was like, wow! I instantly said, "Anak, flowers galing kay Tatay!" I immediately signed the paper from the delivery man and got back inside with the bouquet. Trev couldn't stop staring at the bouquet! So cute!

Look! Halos magka-height na si Trev and  yung bouquet! :-)

Trev couldn't get over the bouquet. It's the first time kasi that he's ever seen one. :-)

I immediately texted Allan and thanked him for the surprise. You see, my husband is not the type who always makes surprises, but when he does, he really succeeds. I'm such a mababaw person naman and these things really makes me very happy. I feel so loved! 

Later that afternoon, Trev and I went to SM to buy Allan our Heart's Day gift for him. We were actually supposed to go the day before Valentine's Day but Allan was at home that time so we ended up going on the 14th instead. We got him these gifts. Such simple gifts from Trev and I but it means so much. 

That's a Teddy with lots of chocolates, cupcakes from Cakes R' Us that says "Happy Hearts Day", a Valentine's Day Card and the one wrapped in polkadots is our framed family picture. :-)

When Allan arrived from work, we took turns in taking pictures of the gifts while Trev was busy playing with everything! Haha!

Look at Trev. He couldn't stop playing with the cup cakes! Before we even had the chance to eat it, almost everything was already smashed and smudged! Haha!

Family Picture on Heart's Day. Notice the get up? Haha, yes, Valentine's na Valentine's din ang peg! :-)

Trev helping Tatay open his gifts. :-)

Full of sweets on Valentine's Day. Actually, I have already eaten almost half of the chocolates before I even remember to take a picture of it. Yan na lang natira! Haha! :-)

Thank you so much, 'Tay for the bouquet! I hope you like the gifts Trev and I prepared for you too. We love you so much! 

I feel so lucky and blessed to have two wonderful boys in my life. My king and my prince. Allan and Trev, no words can ever describe how much I love you and how thankful I am for both of you. You two are my life... Thank you for loving me! Sweetest valentine's day celebration so far. More in all the coming years!

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