My Watsons Find: Cream Hand Soap

I have always been a big fan of hand washes. Whenever we go out and do the grocery, I always remind Allan if we're running out of hand wash at home. Well, eversince I can't remember, I have always liked washing my hands (who doesn't, anyway?). More now because as you know, I have a one year old son and of course, cleanliness is most important. I don't mind what brand the hand wash is as long as it's affordable and can keep me with clean hands, then I'm okay with that. Bath soap is okay with me, too! Hihi! But there's something about hand soap or hand wash that I like so much.

The other week (yes, this is a late post, hihi), we were strolling around SM when we passed by Watsons at the Annex. They were on sale! I wasn't actually interested in buying anything because all our toiletries are still complete at home. But the sales lady offered something that's so tempting and practical to buy. Yes, hand wash. LOL! :-) 

Watsons Cream Hand Soap. That's 2 for Ph99! :-)

We got it for only Ph99! Yes, that's a total of 1000 ml for just Ph99. It's a great buy indeed. Although, we still had a stock of hand wash at home, we still bought these two. Yes, it's a refill pack but I don't mind. I have an extra pump at home so I can just transfer the content in one of my extra pumps. (Practical Tip: Don't throw out your empty pump bottles, you never know when you'll need it.)

Today, our last stock of hand wash ran out already so I got one of these Watsons Hand Cream and opened the one with Honey and Milk Scent. My verdict? Well, the scent is not sweet but it's refreshing. In fact, I like the scent and I enjoy washing my hands with it. I have yet to try the Strawberry and Yoghurt Scent, I guess that smells sweet. 

Overall, I like it. But I guess, the review would be much better if it's anti-bacterial, hihi! Nonetheless, it's okay.

I just love Watsons. It's one of my happy places. You can find a lot of toiletry items with really reasonable and affordable prices, some are even on sale or sold as "Buy one, Take one". 

How about you? Share your Watsons finds! :-)

Update as of March 29 2013: I have now opened the other refill pack. And I like the scent too! Strawberry and Yoghurt Scent smells really sweet and nice. :-)

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