Our Little "Son Gohan" :-)

Our own "Gohan" :-)

Allan, my husband, lovingly calls Trev his little "Gohan" because eversince Trev had his first hair cut last December, his bangs would always fall on his forehead making him look like the son of Goku in Dragon Ball when Gohan was still a little boy. 

Look! So cute, they even have the same bow tie! Son Gohan Image Source

Both Allan and I love anime kasi so yan tuloy, pati si Trev nadamay! Hihi! 
But, he's so cute! Love you, baby! :-)


  1. Wow, cute talaga ni Atreiu aka Gohan :) Sana Maging strong and intelligent ka rin gaya ng nasa Dragon Ball..


    1. Syempre, mahal ko. Cute talaga ang baby natin! wehe! Onga, magiging strong and intelligent din siya gaya ni Gohan. :-)


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