Trev's First Carousel Ride Experience (And A Short Blooper Kuwento)

I'm not sure why we were only able to bring Trev to ride the carousel just last weekend. We should have done it months ago. I don't know, it seems like there's always something else that we're supposed to do or supposed to go to whenever we go to SM so we haven't really gotten the chance to bring him to the carousel area of the mall. But, gladly we were able to do so. Last Sunday! 

We brought Trev at the carousel located inside SM North Edsa. You see, there's two carousels in that mall. One is located at the Sky Garden and one is inside the main mall. We checked out the guidelines posted on the teller's booth area. We found out that children 3 feet and below are free! The adult accompanying the child is the only one who needs to buy a ticket. We didn't know that! So, we got one ticket for Ph50. Well, actually it's a little expensive for a three minute ride, don't you think? But that's okay. At least, we could let Trev try it out. :-)

Allan and I thought Trev would cry if we ever make him ride one of the horses in the carousel, but no! He did not. In fact, I can say that he enjoyed the three minute ride! Allan said that he wanted to bring Trev there again next week. Haha! Nawili! 

I'll try to post the video on my next entry. For now, I'll show you some of our pictures from last weekend.

We had lunch at KFC first before heading our way to the carousel. Trev loves spaghetti!

My sneaky baby. Mukang takam na takam sa spaghetti. LOL! 

Feel na feel ang pagkakataas ng paa niya. Relak na relak ang peg! Hihi! :-D

After lunch, we had a quick stroll inside the mall, bought a few stuffs for Trev then off we went to the carousel. 

His first ever carousel ride. Don't be deceived by that "No Smile" look! He enjoyed the ride! :-)

After the ride, parang gusto pa niya umulit! :-)

I just want to show you guys this cute plush Cars stuffed toy we bought in SM Department Store for only Ph100! Trev likes to play with it! 

Isn't he cute?! :-)

Before I end this entry, I have a blooper kuwento lang. We went to the grocery after our carousel ride and bought some things for the kitchen and some toiletries. I told Allan that I wanted to buy a shampoo. You see, eversince I became a SAHM, I was constantly looking for quality products with affordable prices. I don't want Allan to spend much on me, I'm okay and content with whatever's available. Don't get me wrong, I know we're husband and wife and it's just normal for a husband to support his SAHM wife but of course, I want to help him by doing that. Well, it's just me, I may have a different view with others. :-)

Anyway, going back. So there, we were supposed to go and buy the usual shampoo that I have been using, but I thought maybe I could check out the other brands, I might find something more affordable. So, we did and we found one which was indeed more affordable. Or, so I thought. Later on that.

I was happy with my new affordable find. When we arrived home, we arranged the groceries and I checked my new shampoo again. I was laughing (and cursing myself too for not noticing! and was mentally banging my head on the wall too! argh! ) and told Allan about what I saw. It wasn't a shampoo after all! It was a conditioner! Toinks! Epic fail again! Lesson learned. Always make sure to read the label VERY carefully! Sigh. 

Honestly, I did read the label. But, I don't know. Maybe, I didn't. Or maybe I was just too concentrated on looking at the price tag rather than the label. Deep sigh again. 

Okay, that's it pansit! See you again soon!


  1. My pamangkins also enjoyed riding on a carousel when they were younger and it must be a sight to see your Trev enjoying the brief 3-minute ride :)

    Yes, P50 is expensive nga pero priceless naman ang saya ni Trev. I also had an experience buying an item without reading the label once. I was craving for Milo in sachets kasi I eat it plain. It tasted different! Yun pala what I got by mistake was their cereal drink! @_@

    1. Hello,Farida! Thanks for dropping by ha! Oo nga eh, my son Trev enjoyed the ride. This weekend daw, si hubby naman magsasakay sa kanya, haha! Nawili eh.

      I know, di ba? Minsan, akala mo tama yung nakuha mo sa grocery, then pag-uwi mo, you'll find out mali pala nabili mo, hay! at least next time we know how to be more careful na and check the label very well. :-)


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