Trev's Mickey Toothbrush

Trev's upper right premolar is starting to cut through already! Yey!

We've been content with his current toothbrush since we bought it but not until the other day. After I brushed Trev's teeth before bedtime, I noticed that his teeth were not sparkling clean so I had to use his Sansfluo Toothwipes to thoroughly clean his teeth. You see, I am very OC about his teeth. :-) So I thought, maybe he needs a new toothbrush. I have been delaying buying him Lesson 3 toothbrush because he only has 6 teeth as of the moment and I was afraid he might not like brushing his teeth with real bristles. It's going to be 7 teeth real soon since his upper right premolar is coming out already! :-)

Last weekend when we went grocery shopping and Allan was already paying our items, Trev and I were looking at the shelves beside the cashier where the toothbrushes and batteries were displayed. I noticed this toothbrush from Oral B Stages so I told Allan that I would like to try one for Trev. Good thing that the cashier hasn't finished punching all our purchases yet so I gave Allan my new find. 

That's Trev's left hand right there! LOL!

That's Oral B Mickey for Kids Toothbrush (soft). If I'm not mistaken, this kiddie toothbrush is only a little less than Ph50. I forgot the exact price though, ooopps! Actually, I wanted to buy those battery operated rotating toothbrushes or those kiddie toothbrushes that lights up, or at least those from Sanfluo, Pigeon, Tommee Tipee or the like but all of them were way too expensive but when I saw this from Oral B, I think it could also do the trick. It's even more affordable! If budget permits, I can probably try the battery operated toothbrush for Trev in the future.

Of course, the excited nanay immediately opened the product and used it on Trev's teeth that same night. The bristles are soft and I was so happy that Trev likes it. It didn't hurt his gums. The price did not sacrifice its quality. He didn't refuse to brush with the new bristles! Yey! In fact, just like his Pigeon Lesson 2 toothbrush, he would get the brush from me and try to brush his teeth on his own! He looked so cute! I was not able to take a picture though. Sayang! 

I think I'm going to stick with this one for now for his night time brushing. I'm still using his Pigeon Lesson 2 toothbrush during his day time brushing though because I'm having a hard time using the finger toothbrush that came with his Earth Best's Toddler Toothpaste. Trev would always bite my index finger whenever I use his finger toothbrush on his teeth! LOL! I just make sure that I brush him thoroughly but gently with his Pigeon toothbrush. If it's still not squeaky clean, well, his Sansfluo Toothwipes is always available to help me clean his teeth. :-)

How about you? How do you teach your child good oral hygiene? Share yours, too! :-)

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