Twitter Newbie

I have a confession to make. I didn't know how to use Twitter. I know it was the talk of the town since years ago aside from Facebook and everybody was like signing up and raving about it everywhere. But... I don't know, I really didn't put interest in it before. I knoowww, maybe that time I was inside a cave or something! LOL!

Actually, I have signed up a few months ago simply because one of the websites I was trying to register to requires me to have a Twitter account. But I never really used it. You might call me stupid or ignorant but I simply found it very complicated. Poor me...

Well, not until now...

Yesterday, I signed up again using my Gmail address. And I have been learning a lot! Been navigating here and there and been following other people already. I'm still learning but this time, I'm very willing. I think, it's not as complicated as I thought it was the first time I signed up. In fact, I find it interesting and very engaging. I just need to explore all the links inside Twitter and I think I can learn this in no time. 

Yay! Funny because I feel like I'm the only one left behind. Seems like everyone has a Twitter account already and I'm the only one that's left. Well, I have started this blog anyway, so I guess it's just timely that I also try other social media too like Twitter, don't ya think?

I have already embedded the Twitter button here in my blog. Check out my left side bar, it's just below my Facebook Fanpage box! (Segue: If you haven't yet, you can click the LIKE button of my FB Fan Page, too! *wink*, Thanks!) See it? Yes, that's the one! :-)

As of now, I still have no followers (insert sad face here)...

I hope you support me with my new found interest. :-)
You can follow me @MommyVannie or simply click the button at my side bar! Thanks so much! 

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