Yuri's First Birthday

This post is loooong overdue already. My nephew, Yuri, celebrated his first birthday last January 6 at Jollibee Munoz. If I mentioned in my previous post that we were almost not able to attend Marlon's wedding because Allan was supposed to render a mandated overtime, the case was the same when Yuri celebrated his birthday. We were almost not able to go. Good thing Allan's OT was cancelled.

It was a fun party! Mhae, my sister in law (SIL) has a lot of pamangkins just like my husband Allan, so there were a lot of kids during the party! Trev was actually the youngest among the invited kids, so since he's a little too young to join the games, he just settled with watching them play. He has his Marie Biscuit naman to munch while watching the kids so aliw na siya dun. :-) This is actually the very first kiddie party that Trev attended, aside from his own of course, LOL! And so far, he was okay. Except when Jollibee came out and we had to take a picture with the mascot. I thought Trev wouldn't cry because during his first birthday, he didn't cry when he saw Pizza Pooch (Pizza Hut's Mascot, where Trev celebrated his first birthday). It was even Pizza Pooch who made him smile and stopped crying during his birthday. But this time around, he cried when he saw Jollibee, waaahh! But, but but, he enjoyed Jollibee's dance, in fairness! He was seated in his high chair and sinisilip silip niya si Jollibee habang sumasayaw. After a while naman, he was okay na with Jollibee around kahit after nung dance. I'll upload the video in a separate post. :-)

Thanks, Mhae for inviting us! 

Mhae and Yuri giving Trev the party giveaway. :-)

Trev enjoying his Jolly Spaghetti :-)

Trev, sinisilip si Jollibee, LOL!

Ayan, takot pa siya diyan. :-(

Ayaw pa rin tumingin kay Jollibee.

So cute! He was the smallest kid na nakapila for the loot bags. :-)

With my mom and my nephew, the celebrant Yuri.

With his Tito Ninong Marlon

Meal time! Yum yum! :-)

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