Zenutrients' Stretch Marks - Free Mom

Look at what my husband brought home for me last Monday! 

Zenutrients' Stretch Marks - Free Mom. All Natural

I didn't know what came into my loving husband's mind but I'm thankful for his thoughtfulness, hihi! He said that it was their Wellness Day at work last Monday and he saw this being sold there. He inquired and got me that cream. I have already mentioned in this blog that honestly, I am not at all bothered by my stretchies because for me, it's like battlescars and sign of my being a mother. But I won't refuse a little help if available. Hihi!

And since Allan got me this, I'm willing to try it. Besides, it says in the packaging that it's All-Natural. It also says that it contains White Vanilla, Green Papaya Extracts, Virgin Coconut Oil and Natural Cocoa Butter. Hmm, looks promising... 

I couldn't really say any review yet as I have only been using it for the past three days. I can only comment on its scent and consistency. Scent is okay, it smells nice, a little hint of vanilla. It smells more like cocoa butter. As for the consistency, it's good too. Not too heavy and not too greasy. In fact, I like the consistency. 

I checked the brochure that came with the item, Zenutrients also offers a wide array of other All-Natural products like herbal shampoos, body butter, foot lotion, etc. It says that their products have no harsh chemicals, no toxic ingredients such as synthetic preservatives and additives. 

I have tried googling it for more information and I found their website here. Turns out they have outlets in Pasig and Binondo and their products are all quite affordable. Hmm, interesting. Allan said he got the cream for only around Ph200 (100 grams).

Okay, so that's it for now. I'll try this product and let's see what it can do. 

How about you? Have you tried this Stretch Marks - Free Mom cream or any of Zenutrients' products? Feel free to share your experience! Thanks guys! :-)

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