Suave Waterfall Mist Conditioner: An Accidental Find

Hi there! Here's another product review I wish to share with you guys. If you've been reading my blog, I shared this before in my short blooper kuwento. I mentioned there that I was supposed to buy a shampoo but ended up buying a conditioner instead, and mind you, that was not intentional! Hihi!

I actually didn't think I'd be blogging about this product on a separate post. Well, not, until today. You see, I realized that unintentionally buying this product wasn't as bad as I thought it was because honestly, I am now loving it. 


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According to the packaging and this site:
Suave Refreshing Waterfall Mist Conditioner is infused with watermint extract and Vitamin E. It has up to 2x the moisture to keep your hair healthy. Enjoy the refreshing scent of a tropical waterfall as gentle conditioners bring out the natural beauty of your hair.

Plus, it is also hypo-allergenic and the price is very affordable. Well, that's actually the main reason why I decided to buy it, because it was affordable. Not knowing that I bought it by mistake. :-) 

I'm just so sorry that I forgot how much the exact price was, but I assure you, for me it was much cheaper than the others.  

Anyway, going back into my review. As I was saying, I didn't expect that I'd be loving this product as much when I first saw it. First thing that I like about it is the scent! The scent is love! Super long lasting! As in. Let's put it this way, you see I don't use hair conditioner everyday. Oftentimes, I condition my hair just once every week and use plain shampoo everyday for the rest of the week. But the scent of this conditioner lingers on my hair for the entire week! Believe me, I'm not exaggerating, it's true! Even if I use just my shampoo, the scent of the conditioner dominates or overpowers my already nicely scented shampoo. And in a good way, if I may add. Surprisingly, the scent is really nice and refreshing indeed! I love it! ♥

The consistency of the conditioner is also great. It's not too thin, it's really effective on my naturally curly and unruly hair. You see, my hair is so choosy with shampoo/conditioner because I was born with natural curls and it's really unmanageable! (So, I have always been sporting long hair so I can just braid it during rush times. Hihihi!)

Anyway, overall, I like this product. And I really think that it's worth buying it after all. Now, I'm thinking of buying Suave Refreshing Waterfall Mist Shampoo. Hmmm... 

How about you? Any accidental find recently? 

Note: This is NOT a paid post. All opinions are my own.


C is for Cookie! ♫ - With Video :-)

... ♪ That's good enough for me! ♫

Finally, I was able to upload the third video when we went grocery shopping last Saturday!

After Trev's grocery push cart "adventure", he got tired and hungry. We were already at the counter to pay for our purchases when he allowed his Tatay to put him back inside the cart. We gave him his favorite cookie. And he ate it happily!

Look! Here's my adorable 17-month old cookie patootie! :-)

Breakfast Made With Love ♥

I'm so happy because Allan has been home since yesterday. He was required to render an overnight work last Tuesday so he was able to offset it for his supposed work yesterday. Good thing because he's able to add it to the already long weekend this week. ☺

So, as always, whenever he's home, I try my best to prepare special breakfast for him. Here's what I prepared yesterday and today. These may just be simple breakfast for some but for me, it's made extra special because I made it for the man I love. ♥

Breakfast yesterday: Tortang Talong, Longganisa and Fried Rice! :-)
Breakfast today: Ensaladang Kamatis with Pechay and Chopped Onions,
Steamed Okra,
Fish Sauce with Vinegar for the dip and Ham. Paired with Steamed Hot Rice. :-)
Oopps, the mango cereal is Trev's. Hihi! :-)

And to sweetly conclude our breakfast, Allan bought this: ice cream!
Summer heat plus ice cream is yum! :-)

Happy long weekend everyone! 

Of course, let's not forget the true essence of this long weekend. Let's not forget to pray and reflect. Remember, God paid the price because He loves all of us so much! 

SM Homeworld Sale Is On!

Note: I am not in any way connected or affiliated with SM North EDSA or any of its branches. I just received this via email so I decided to post this ad for those of you who might be interested. You may want to drop by. :-)

Sale is on!

Grab the hottest items for your home --
tableware, linens, kitchenware, storage and organizers
Enjoy up to 50% off on great finds from March 30 to April 10 only!
UGF East Mall, SM City North Edsa.


My Little Boy At The Grocery - With Video :-)

Hey there! Here's  a video of my 17-month old son helping his Tatay push the grocery cart. :-) I made a post about this here.

Actually, there's a third video but I couldn't seem to upload it here. There's always this blogger error whenever I try. :-( 

Anyway, I will try again later. 

Meanwhile,  I want to show you these. Trev kulit pushing our grocery cart. Enjoy watching! :-)

Update as of March 29: Yey! I was finally able to upload the third installment of Trev's video at the grocery. You can watch it here. :-)


Grocery Shopping with Hyper Trev :-)

We went back to SM after our short stroll at Trinoma to do our grocery. Trev was in his hyper mood. Allan allowed him to ride the grocery cart but after a while, Trev insisted to go down because he wanted to push the cart! Haha! So, there, Allan had no choice but to put Trev down and let him do what he wanted. Cute!

Look at these pics. 

Well - guarded ang push cart namin! Ayaw iwan ni Trev! Haha! :-)

Tatay's fave: Mountain Dew. But, no, I didn't allow him to buy. :-P

Buying Trev's water, Wilkins. "Mom knows best" lang ang peg! Hihi! :-)

Wala pa ring kupas sa hilig ni Trev sa walis! Look at his Tatay's expression! Funny!

When we were looking at the items on the shelves, we passed by the section where the brooms, brushes and other house cleaning materials were on display. Trev was seated quietly in the cart at first but when he saw the broom, naku! He immediately stood up and pointed everything that he could see! He wanted to get them all! Haha! 

I have a story about Trev's fascination with walis here and here. :-)

Trev was so hyper the whole time that we were doing the grocery. When, finally, he got tired and hungry, we were already at the cashier to pay. Here he was seated in the cart once again, while eating his biscuit. Nagutom! :-D

Hungry Trev! :-)

I have these on videos, too. I will try to post it here later. :-)

J. Co Donuts: The Long Queue!

Like what I mentioned in my previous post, we were able to pass by J. Co Donuts when we went to Trinoma last Saturday. Look at that queue! OMG! I suppose my cravings and curiosity won't be fulfilled anytime soon! With that long queue, we didn't dare to line up because Trev might get bored . I wish SM North EDSA Branch opens soon. Hihi!

Trinoma Saturday

Before anything else, weekend breakfast of the day muna. I cooked Tocilog for Allan and myself. Yum! Trev's breakfast was mango cereal, bread and egg. :-)

Tocino, Sunny Side Up Eggs and Fried Rice with hotdogs :-)

In the afternoon, we went to Trinoma. We're still in search of the toddler table and chair that I mentioned in my previous post. Allan said that Trinoma also offers those so we might as well check them out. Unfortunately, the items that they're selling did not meet our standards again. So, we ended up buying nothing, again. Hihi! That's okay, we're not in a rush anyway. 

So, we just strolled around the mall and took pictures. It was raining so we were not able to stay outside the Trinoma's garden and fountain area. We were able to pass by J. Co Donuts  though and true enough, the queue was really looooonnnngggg! :-D

Trev can't get enough of those ninjas at the background. :-)

At Kevin's Toys and Library. We're planning to bring Trev here next time to play. :-)

BIG Stuffed toys! :-)

How's your weekend, friends? 


Enjoy Mommyhood!

This is nice! When I became a mom, I learned to appreciate motherhood in a much deeper way.

I saw this quote from the Breastfeeding's Fanpage. Someone even commented "And when you become a grandma, it starts all over again and I love every second of it!"

Mommyhood never ends. :-)



How Much Is A Stay At Home Mom's Work Worth?

I was browsing the web looking for a good read about stay at home moms when I chanced upon this post. I find it quite interesting. Being a mother is considered to be one of the toughest job (if you could even call it a "job") there is and I have to agree with that whole-heartedly. 

Some people might think that if you just stay at home, you could just relax and stuff, but heck, no! There's a lot more than just staying at home. Despite that, I wouldn't trade anything to my being a mom. Like what they always say, "Being a full time mom is one of the highest paying jobs, because the payment is PURE LOVE!". It's true, no monetary amount can ever compare to the love I receive from my husband and son every single day. ♥

But, hmm. What if, just what if, a stay at home mom receives salary, how much should she really be making? Let's find out. Here's a cute infographic about a mom's work worth. Just for fun. :-)

Can you believe that we would earn almost twice as much as a working mom and work more than double the hours? WOW!

By the way, I saw this same image too from MrsMommyHolic's blog. Cute! It's really amazing how stay at home moms stumble on the same page. Love it! ♥

Being A Mother Is...

I agree with this 100%. I never thought I have these strengths and fears, until I became one.

Image Source

My 10 Random "New Mom Must-Haves"

When I became a mother, I never really knew what to prepare for. So, what I did was rely on the web to know what things I have to get ready. But sometimes, you just couldn't base your own needs to what you see on the web because everyone has different needs. As I journey the road to mommyhood, I found out a lot of things along the way. Of course, like I said, this is non-standard to all moms as we have different needs altogether. But, newbie mommies (like me), feel free to check this out and see what you feel suits you and your baby.

Anyway, I am listing down my 10 random picks that I think a new mom must prepare for (based from my own personal experience). 

So, in no particular order, here goes:

1. Petroleum Jelly
This product is a staple in our home. I have been putting petroleum jelly on Trev's diaper area to prevent diaper rash. And, thank God, Trev never had diaper rash! Until now, we're still using this. I also put some on Trev's neck and on the folds of his arms to prevent rashes, too. I just love petroleum jelly. It really works wonders!
You can prevent most diaper rashes by simply using petroleum jelly to coat baby's bottom after each changing. Petroleum jelly coats the area with a protective gel layer that prevents moisture from getting next to baby's skin. Since wetness next to baby's skin is one of the main causes of diaper rash the jelly works well to prevent the problem.

As a general rule of thumb, doctors recommend applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your newborn's bottom after every diaper change. Not only does this trick help prevent diaper rash in a newborn, but it also makes wiping off stool at the next diaper change easier.

2. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
I used this on Trev on the first five months since he was born. We all know that newborn babies generally have sensitive skin and I didn't want to risk it just in case Trev's skin reacts badly on just any other skin cleansers. So, I settled on what I feel like the best to use at that early stage of his life.
Originally developed by dermatologists especially for sensitive skin, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a soap substitute that preserves your skin’s natural protective oils. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser softens your skin as it gently cleanses. Independent clinical tests using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser undiluted has shown it to be one of the gentlest non-soap cleansers. Its special formulation won’t sting your eyes and can remove light make-up without clogging pores. Developed to be used with or without water, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is pH balanced and lanolin and fragrance free.

3. Human Heart Nature Baby Products
I love HNN Baby Products. After using Cetaphil on Trev's first five months, I tried other baby products on him but HNN was by far to me the best yet. I use all three products on Trev. Here was my first post about HNN. (Which reminds me, I really want to sign up on HNN's membership/dealership program but I haven't really gotten the time. Sad.)

According to their website, all HNN Baby Products are 100% All Natural and 100% phthalate-free!

 4. Vapor Soove
I bought this for Trev just because. We were at Trinoma and I asked Allan if we could go to Sesou because I would like to check if they're selling HNN baby products there. Turns out, HNN baby products are sold by dealers only or from the branch. They sell other HNN products though. Anyway, I was looking at their other products when I saw this. I have been reading a lot of raves about this product from other moms. So I thought, I might as well buy one for Trev's first aid kit. When Trev suffered from cough and colds last month, this came in handy. It really helped in easing Trev's stuffy nose.
Vapor Soove is a proprietary blend of essentials oils that creates a soothing vapour and calming effect. It provides gentle and effective relief for stuffy noses and coughs and, is suitable for babies and children from 6 months onwards. Vapor Soove does NOT contain Camphor like many other popular chest rubs. There have been reports that camphor may cause seizures in small children.

5. Pigeon Lip Trainer
This product is really a "life-saver"! When Trev was teething, he loves munching and chewing on things and this is no exception. Whenever we give this to him, he would keep himself busy just biting on this. And what's good about this is that it can be sterilized, unlike the other teethers which you cannot. I mentioned about this product here, too.
Babies like to put things in their mouths, which is a natural reflex and an important part of development. Chewing on different materials and shapes stimulates the periodontal membrane under the teeth, and by doing this, babies learn how to control the force of their bite. Pigeon teethers are designed to stimulate babies' senses and promote natural jaw development.

6. Nursing Tops
Nursing tops or blouses are so convenient especially if you're like me because I nurse Trev whenever, wherever and however he wants. Hihi! These blouses have nursing access that you can easily open so you can nurse your baby discreetly, with or without cover. Nice! (Similar stories about my journey on nursing in public here. )
In photo: Nursing blouses on top photos are from Tinytots, nursing blouses on bottom photos are from Mommy Matters.

7. Nursing Covers
These are so convenient to use too when you're nursing in public. If you want a more discreet way of nursing, then you can use any of these. There are a lot of types of nursing covers. I'm so glad I discovered this. If  you don't have any nursing tops, then this will come in handy. (Similar stories about my journey on nursing in public here. )
In photo: Nursingmom's Nursing Cover (Polkadots), Indigobaby's Boncho: Breastfeeding poncho (gray), Tinytot's Nurse and Burp (Stripes)

 8. Baby Carriers
But not just any baby carrier, the best for me are these two: Next9 Ring Sling and the SaYa Baby Carrier. We can't leave the house without any of these. Nevermind the stroller, as long as I have this with us, we're good to go. The best! (Similar stories about my babywearing journey here.)
In photo: SaYa Baby Carrier  (Plum - looks like brown in this pic though), Next9 Ring Sling (Floral Blue)

9. Breastfeeding Supplement
I'm sure glad I found out about breastfeeding supplements. It's really a big help especially for a breastfeeding mom like me. I tried a number of supplements already which I mentioned in my other post. By far, for me, the best yet is Life Oil.
I have written about the benefits of Life Oil here.

10. Medela Pump in Style Advanced (PISA)
Of course, this should not be missing on the list. This MUST be included as this is one of my most important picks, my Medela PISA. Come on, it's a fact, some Medela breastpumps are quite pricey but when I learned about how great this breastpump was, I had no second thoughts, I had to buy it. So, I did and I never regretted that day. It was one heck of a splurge, yes, but come to think of it, the price is worth it compared to the benefits it could give you and your baby. There are other more affordable Medela pump models right now. They just released their newest product, the Medela Twin Maxi. It's the revamped version of the Medela Swing and has the same quality as the PISA. And what's more is it's much affordable. Twin Maxi replaced PISA because the latter has recently been phased out. But nonetheless, I am still glad to have acquired my PISA. I love it! 

I have written about my breastfeeding journey, the Medela PISA included, here.

So, there you go! How about you mommies, what's your random new mom picks? :-)

Disclaimer: These are just my personal choices. What might have worked for me and my baby may not work for others. 


Look What's Coming Soon at SM North Edsa!

Look here! J. Co Donuts & Coffee is coming soon at SM North Edsa. Yay!
Confession again, I have never tasted J. Co Donuts yet! :-(

Actually, our place is also near Trinoma but we haven't really gotten the chance to go check J. Co there. I have always wondered how it tastes like because I have been reading a lot of raves about it. But, I have also been reading about the loooonnnnggg lines you'll go through just to be able to buy from J. Co Donuts & Coffee

So, I'm glad that there will be another branch coming soon at SM North Edsa. It's nearer our place! Can't wait! You see, I am such a dessert lover and I love sweets. So, I'm excited to try this because based from what I have read, J.Co Donuts tastes really good. Not too sweet, just right. Weeee, excited!


I am expecting long lines here, too. But I hope we could still get the chance to try and taste the famous J. Co Donuts & Coffee here! It's going to be an exciting new treat!

Have  you tried J. Co Donuts? Is it really that good? Share your story! :-)

"So Undercover" Movie Screening Winner!

I recently joined the "So Undercover" Movie Screening contest sponsored by Nuffnang and Adidas NEO. Fortunately, I was one of the first 100 bloggers to submit an entry, making me one of the lucky winners! Yey! This was the second time I joined a blogging contest sponsored by Nuffnang and the first time I've won. Happy!

By the way, this was my blog entry which I submitted to Nuffnang for this contest. 

Here's the list of the winners!


Although, I didn't win the Adidas NEO Sneakers, I am still very happy. Didn't know joining blog contests could be so much fun! Looking forward to joining more in the future! :-)

Thanks so much Nuffnang and Adidas NEO! 

Oral B Stages Toothbrush

So, after our Toy Kingdom window shopping, we went to our last stop of the day. We went to Watsons and bought some toiletries. 

I got a new find for Trev! Look!

Oral B Stages Toothbrush
Oral B Stages Toothbrush. Stage 1.

Last month, we bought Trev an Oral B Toothbrush already, the one with Mickey Mouse design. But that one was actually not for toddlers, it's for bigger kids. Anyway, it serves its purpose on Trev though because the bristles are soft and Trev likes brushing his teeth with it. However, I realized that Trev needs another because the other toothbrush that he's using (Pigeon Lesson 2) doesn't serve its purpose already. It couldn't clean Trev's teeth as much as the Oral B does. 

Good thing Allan reminded me that Trev needs a new toothbrush. So, when we went to Watsons last Sunday, we checked if there were kiddie/toddler toothbrushes available. And, eureka! There were a lot! I couldn't even decide which one to buy. The famous Firefly toothbrush is available too! That was the first time I have ever seen one in person and I was so impressed. But, it was a little expensive for a toddler toothbrush, in my humble opinion, for now. Maybe, we could buy that for Trev when he knows how to brush his teeth on his own already. On his second birthday, perhaps? Yay! :-)

So, I got the Oral B Stage 1 toothbrush. It's still more expensive than his Oral B Mickey Toothbrush but I think it's worth a try. I can't remember the exact price but I think it was more or less Ph120. Well, it was thrice as expensive as his Mickey Toothbrush. 

Here's a description based on the Oral-B website.

Stages 1: A toothbrush for babies 4 to 24 months.

At this stage, babies begin to teethe. When the first tooth comes in—usually between four and six months—it's time to start brushing. The Oral-B Stages 1 toothbrush makes it easy to gently care for new teeth and tender gums.
  • Helps protect tender gums
  • Gently cleans and massages baby teeth and gums
  • Designed for a parent’s hand
  • Makes brushing fun with Disney characters


  • Cushioned head: Gentle to help protect tender gums
  • Baby-soft bristles: Gently clean and massage baby teeth and gums
  • The non-slip handle: Designed for a parent's hand and has a thumb rest for better control
  • Baby Einstein™ characters: Popular characters that make brushing fun for your baby

As usual, the excited Nanay strikes again. I used the toothbrush on Trev that night. And Trev really enjoyed brushing his teeth with it. He loves the design, too. I'm so glad we bought this toothbrush. The bristles are softer and a little shorter than the Mickey Toothbrush, making it easier to brush Trev's teeth. And like what the description said, it has a non-slip handle which makes it easier for me to control the brushing. I like the cushioned head too! Love it!

Remember, I mentioned here that Trev has 7 visible teeth and the others are still about to come out? Well, the other two came out really fast. Although, these two have not completely come out yet but it's already visible. He now has 9 visible teeth! Yay!