10 Things Not To Say To A New Breastfeeding Mother

I was browsing my FB timeline when I saw this. Got this from the Breastfeeding Facebook Page. I guess some nursing moms could somehow relate.


I, myself, have heard a few already. #1, 7 and 10 are a few of the things I heard from others. Apart from what's listed above, some even commented "Don't extend your breastfeeding, otherwise your boobies will sag." Hmm, honestly, I just try to let it fall on deaf ears and try not to mind about what other people say. As long as I know that I am giving the best liquid gold I could give my baby and he's getting all the benefits, I am fine with that. And I am proud to say that we're on our 16th month and still very much into it! Happy baby = Happy mommy! Thank God for this blessing! :-)

You know what, sometimes I try to explain to these people why I chose to breastfeed but they still stick with their beliefs. Oh, well. I just hope they realize the importance of breastmilk and breastfeeding. 

I am just glad that most of the people who know that I am a breastfeeding mom support me with this journey. 

Nursing moms out there, have you heard any comments like the above lately? 

Disclaimer: I am not an expert. This post is not intended to judge those who choose not to or cannot breastfeed. This is just my simple way to support those who choose to breastfeed or those who support breastfeeding as well.


  1. I have heard a few of them but seriously can't be bothered what other people say as it is the best for my kids. I've also practiced extended breastfeeding..beyond 2 yrs old with my kids and I'm sure it has seriously benefited them in the case of being more healthy and ability to learn. I'm still breastfeeding my #3 who is 2.5yrs old.

  2. Oh yeah, I've heard these a couple of time when I was nursing. It's sad that most people are not really informed about the benefits of breastfeeding. You know what I did, I researched if there's some truth to what they are saying. Also, some of these comments are more on personal point of views than fact. :)


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