BIG: The Korean Drama

Being a stay at home mom to a one year old toddler gives me quite a number of things to do at home. Well, aside from blogging or working on the web. One of the things I do to de-stress myself is very simple, watch TV. LOL! Yep, very mababaw. I am currently watching the korean drama BIG. It's aired in GMA-7, 5pm daily. 

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The series started just last week. I got hooked to it for quite a number of reasons. First on the list is because of Gong Yoo! Hahaha! I so love him in Coffee Prince. His character in Big is somewhat the same in the sense that both characters are quite effortlessly funny in some ways. Although I am mostly on the web (if I'm not doing any household chore or if Trev is sleeping), I haven't watched the entire TV series there, so I'm not really sure how the story will go. I just wait for the episode to be aired on TV. I'm really enjoying this TV series so far. I also like watching it because it's really funny at some point but sometimes, it's also sad. Loka loka lang ang peg! Haha, joke! :-) 

Seriously, I'm beginning to like Big because it's both hilarious and heart warming at the same time. Perfect balance.

Lee Min-Jung is the actress paired with Gong Yoo here. I can't help but compare her with Yoon Eun-Hye, the character of Andi in Coffee Prince. In my opinion, they almost act the same and their looks are very similar. Overall, I like both of them.

I found a synopsis of this korean drama on the web here. I read the reviews, some were touched, some didn't like the ending. Hmm, it got me curious.

I hope I could finish watching it on TV. If not, then I might watch in on YouTube instead, hihi! :-)

Do you like korean dramas, too? What's your favorite? So far, my all time fave now is still Coffee Prince. :-)

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  1. I'm a big fan, no, a huge fan of Kdramas. Though I don't watch them all but I had a number of movies and kseries I really like. I haven't watched BIG but I know the names of those actors. Maybe this is what I get being a KPOP fangirl. :)


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