Breakfast Made With Love ♥

I'm so happy because Allan has been home since yesterday. He was required to render an overnight work last Tuesday so he was able to offset it for his supposed work yesterday. Good thing because he's able to add it to the already long weekend this week. ☺

So, as always, whenever he's home, I try my best to prepare special breakfast for him. Here's what I prepared yesterday and today. These may just be simple breakfast for some but for me, it's made extra special because I made it for the man I love. ♥

Breakfast yesterday: Tortang Talong, Longganisa and Fried Rice! :-)
Breakfast today: Ensaladang Kamatis with Pechay and Chopped Onions,
Steamed Okra,
Fish Sauce with Vinegar for the dip and Ham. Paired with Steamed Hot Rice. :-)
Oopps, the mango cereal is Trev's. Hihi! :-)

And to sweetly conclude our breakfast, Allan bought this: ice cream!
Summer heat plus ice cream is yum! :-)

Happy long weekend everyone! 

Of course, let's not forget the true essence of this long weekend. Let's not forget to pray and reflect. Remember, God paid the price because He loves all of us so much! 


  1. aww.. so sweet. simple yet delicious. :)

  2. So many food. Were you able to finish them all? You are one sweet wife.

  3. i love bfast so much! but i haven't tried ice cream after bfast.. hehe

  4. Is this your definition of "extra special"? Buffet na yata yan eh.hehe Ang sarap naman, kahit hindi breakfast kakainin ko yan.

  5. Wow! I rarely cook a lot for breakfast during workdays. And when I was craving for longanisa real bad naman, it was Good Friday

  6. Ohhh sarap ng breakfast! I love it when Dad prepares breakfast on weekends. Easily my favorite meal for the entire week when it happens :)


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