C is for Cookie! ♫ - With Video :-)

... ♪ That's good enough for me! ♫

Finally, I was able to upload the third video when we went grocery shopping last Saturday!

After Trev's grocery push cart "adventure", he got tired and hungry. We were already at the counter to pay for our purchases when he allowed his Tatay to put him back inside the cart. We gave him his favorite cookie. And he ate it happily!

Look! Here's my adorable 17-month old cookie patootie! :-)


  1. Ang mga bata nga naman, and sarap at simple ng buhay... kahit paano, kahit saan... pero pag malaki na, hay naku...

  2. Cutie! How much is that baby in the basket? heehee...

  3. Takaw! Anu ung kinain nia na cookie?

  4. When my son was three, his aunt wanted him to be brought to Cebu for vacation, and he did without both parents. They said, we will just give him a candy and he will obey right away. Seems as simple as that!!! Well, he was indeed so good when he was with them, that they really believed that giving a child candies will keep them quiet! ... Until, the other kids were with them and who had tantrums in the mall!


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