Dimsum Break Saturday

I have been reading a lot of great reviews about Dimsum Break. A lot have said that Dimsum Break's Steamed Fried Rice is a must - try. So, out of sheer curiosity, when we went to SM Annex last Saturday, we had our lunch there. Lucky because there were no too many customers during that time. 

Dimsum Break
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We were not really very hungry at that time yet because we just had our brunch at home (late nagising eh, hihi!), but Trev had to eat lunch already so we decided to go check out what Dimsum Break has to offer. 

We ordered the following. 

Dimsum Break
2 Steamed Fried Rice (pork and shrimp) @ Ph68 each, 3 pcs Buchi @ Ph55
Dimsum Break
1 Wanton Noodle Soup @ Ph80

Hmm, the verdict? Well, I have read that Dimsum Break became famous for their Steamed Fried Rice. But honestly, no offense meant to those who love Dimsum Break, this is just my own personal opinion, it was just typical for me. Not that I didn't like it, I did! As a matter of fact, my baby likes it too. But, I mean, it's just pork and shrimp with sauce, topped on rice. Well, maybe because I haven't really tried Cebu's Dimsum Break. There could be some difference compared to the one here in SM North Edsa, I'm not sure.The taste was delish, but not really, really great. One thing I also noticed, the cup/bowl was too small for the almost overflowing sauce. It's kind of hard to dig in without spilling a little. Hihi! :-)

My son looks really excited for lunch. Hmm, I think he likes the buchi. Hihi! :-)

Gotta have a picture taken with the buchi before he eats it! LOL! :-)

Trev: Why did Nanay have to take a picture with me first? I'm hungry na! :-)

Trev: Finally! Lunch time! :-)

Look at the pic above. Trev is enjoying the Steamed Fried Rice! :-)

I just wished I asked Allan to buy those steamed dimsums too. Looks tempting! I specifically want to try the Bacon Wrapped Shaomai and the Quail's Egg Shaomai. And the Mango Custard dessert, too! Maybe next time! What I like about Dimsum Break though is that they offer really affordable meals. Nothing more than Ph100!

Check out their menu. 

Dimsum Break
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So, maybe we could go back and dine in at Dimsum Break again so we could try the other dimsums, yes? Yes. :-)

I want to try their desserts! Oh, I'm such a dessert lover! 

Busog! Tatay and Trev goofing around after our lunch. :-)

Dimsum Break is located at the 3rd Level of SM North Edsa, Annex, Quezon City.


  1. Nice! Those selection looks great to munch. I'll try to visit that next I went to SM.

  2. I'll invite my parents soon and try it out here. And I'll make sure to be hungry too to be satiated with what we will order.


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