Domain: Where to Get?

It's been weeks. I have been contemplating of removing the (dot)blogspot in my URL to make my domain really my own. I have read a number of reviews and tutorials over the web lately and now I am torn. Sigh. Wish I could turn back time. I could have done so when I "gave birth" to this blog. I wouldn't be so torn right now. Anyway, since my blog is just a "baby", I guess it's not yet too late. It's just been a little less that 3 months since I launched this blog. I will still be on the Blogger platform but I just want to change my domain to make it my own. You see, I have already fallen in love with this blog. Never thought blogging could be so much fun! :-)

I'm looking at three options. I don't know which is best. Price range is pretty much the same though, so I guess that could be a good thing.
  1. Do I get it straight from Google/Blogger? It's powered by either GoDaddy or Enom. I'm not familiar with Enom but I have read about GoDaddy. Will the transition be easier kaya if I get it straight from Blogger?
  2. GoDaddy. I have read a lot of both good and bad reviews about GoDaddy. Most reviews I read say that GoDaddy is the way to go. But, there's one blog I read wherein she said that she lost all her permalinks when she transitioned her blogger domain to GoDaddy. Oh, my! I don't want that to happen.
  3. NameCheap. I have read quite a number of good reviews about NameCheap but not as much as GoDaddy. However, I find NameCheap's tutorial much easier to follow. 

I am also wondering, since I am not a techie kind of person:
  • Will the transition going to be easy? I mean, I have no idea about DNS and stuff but I am willing to learn if that's how it takes to owning a domain. 
  • How long will the transition take? Minutes, hours, days?
  • If ever I succeed in changing my domain for this blog, will people still be redirected to the new domain in case they type in my old domain's URL? 
  • What about my Nuffnang and other registrations? Do I have to update that too in case I succeed in removing the (dot)blogspot in my URL?
  • I have read about masking. I don't know if I understood it correctly but does it happen automatically if I change? I mean, will people see the NEW domain name in their browser's URL field, the one without the (dot)blogspot, when they click on my old URL?
  • Unlike the review I read about GoDaddy, I don't want to lose my permalinks. That sounds scary to me.

I'm weighing the Pros and Cons. The sad part is, I have no idea. Haha! :-D

Now I'm really, really torn. I have so many questions. I hope I could find the best tutorial on the web so I could go about this as soon as I can. Goodluck to me. Hihi! :-)

Did you undergo this too when you started your blog? Care to share? Please feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you. Thanks!  :-)


  1. Hi sis! I bought my domain from GoDaddy using the blogger interface. The transfer was smooth. Go for it!! Claim your domain na, sis!!

    1. really? Thanks rizza! i'm glad to know that the transfer was smooth. really looking forward to transfer na talaga sis eh. thanks ulit ha! :-)

  2. I also bought my domain from GoDaddy. Daddy Allan do it for me. Madali lang naman ata. You just have to fix something in your Blogger interface so your .blogspot will redirect to your new domain. Un lang is you will lose the alexa and page rank but you will re-gain din them naman after sometime depending sa sipag mo magposts hehe. Sis, if you really are serious with blogging, go for it. Bye your own domain :)

    Mommy Maye2

  3. Me and mommy uses goDaddy. It was also the one suggested by my highschool classmate. I have no problems when it comes to permalinks.

  4. I've heard many good comments about GoDaddy. We even had a quick study about it when we started training about domains and web stuff. :)

  5. When I migrated from Blogspot to my own domain, I regained my PR in less than a month. I think Google recognizes the content and migration or something like that.

  6. I got mine directly from Blogger. Sorry, I have no idea with the details. Hubby did it for me. All I know is that it's cheaper. :)

  7. Haven't thought about it yet. But, please share later if this will really be more beneficial. Does the benefit mean more income?

  8. i also bought my domain from godaddy and moved my other domain, just last week i bought another two domain for a good price, they offer discount for .info domain.. so good luck to you

  9. I bought mine at GoDaddy din, madali lang naman sya sis, I followed the the instructions lang. tapos ok na hehehe.. :)

  10. I bought my domain through Blogger and I think it's the easiest way. But if you wish to have more control over your domain, in case you plan to move hosting from Blogger to maybe WordPress later on, better go directly to GoDaddy or Namecheap. I think there will be lesser steps involved.

  11. I bought mine during sale at GoDaddy. :)

  12. buying my own domain is still something that i am considering.

  13. buying my own domain is still something that i am trying to consider.


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