Grocery Shopping with Hyper Trev :-)

We went back to SM after our short stroll at Trinoma to do our grocery. Trev was in his hyper mood. Allan allowed him to ride the grocery cart but after a while, Trev insisted to go down because he wanted to push the cart! Haha! So, there, Allan had no choice but to put Trev down and let him do what he wanted. Cute!

Look at these pics. 

Well - guarded ang push cart namin! Ayaw iwan ni Trev! Haha! :-)

Tatay's fave: Mountain Dew. But, no, I didn't allow him to buy. :-P

Buying Trev's water, Wilkins. "Mom knows best" lang ang peg! Hihi! :-)

Wala pa ring kupas sa hilig ni Trev sa walis! Look at his Tatay's expression! Funny!

When we were looking at the items on the shelves, we passed by the section where the brooms, brushes and other house cleaning materials were on display. Trev was seated quietly in the cart at first but when he saw the broom, naku! He immediately stood up and pointed everything that he could see! He wanted to get them all! Haha! 

I have a story about Trev's fascination with walis here and here. :-)

Trev was so hyper the whole time that we were doing the grocery. When, finally, he got tired and hungry, we were already at the cashier to pay. Here he was seated in the cart once again, while eating his biscuit. Nagutom! :-D

Hungry Trev! :-)

I have these on videos, too. I will try to post it here later. :-)


  1. He have so much at the grocery store very cute:)

  2. I can relate so much sis. My son is so hyper din. At first, he will agree to sit on the push cart. But when we gets bored na, naku he will insist to get down and push the cart. Now also he points na what he wants at ayaw nya ng maliliit na pack pansin ko. What good now is he can wait to eat the food after we paid it. He will give it to the cashier and he will say "oh" then say thank you. Dati kasi he will get tantrums when we don't let him eat the food he wants e.

    Mommy Maye

  3. lol! dad and mom's little helper :)

  4. haha, ang kulet!
    but Trev was so cute...

  5. i love it when kids try to act up as grown ups hehehe.... :-) cute... but i always ask my boy not to do it always, i want him to be the baby that he is now... :D

  6. ang cute ni Trev, my eldest was super hyper din when he was in that age

  7. Ang cute nga ni Trev! Ang sarap iuwi. Just kidding! I can't wait for my baby to grow up a bit, too, para may ganyan din kaming eksena. :D


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