I Heart Weekend Mornings!

I just love weekend mornings. I always look forward to it. For me, weekend mornings signify the start of more bonding moments for me and my two sweethearts (my husband and son). Trev and I get to spend the whole Saturday and Sunday with Allan. Bitin kasi ang time pag weekdays. Trev loves being with his Tatay whenever Allan is around, like say when he goes home from work on weekdays. He gets super excited whenever he hears our door knob clicks. He would immediately drop whatever he's doing and excitedly checks his Tatay as he enters our home. Trev would jump and scream happily. After dinner, they would play the night away. But since Allan has work the next day, as much as possible we have to sleep early. Or both of them at least. During weekends, he sticks with his Tatay like glue! Haha! He only remembers me when he wants to nurse. LOL! My little rascal! Don't get me wrong, I love seeing them together, it really melts my heart. I love them so much!

Weekend mornings also mean I get to cook special breakfast for my husband too. :-)
Here's our weekend breakfast yesterday and today.

Cheesy cocktail hotdogs, tapa, slightly runny sunny side up eggs, and fried rice for me and hubby. Spaghetti for Trev. :-)

Slightly runny sunny side up eggs, chicken hotdogs, fried chicken, fried eggplant, soy sauce with calamansi for the eggplants' dip and fried rice. :-)

After breakfast, we usually prepare to go out and stroll around the mall. But today, we decided to just stay at home and relax. We played with our son. Allan read books for Trev too! And, Allan brought a surprise for me! He brought me the Breaking Dawn 2 DVD. Yey! Confession again, I haven't watched the movie yet. Kawawa naman ako. Left behind na. Hihi!

You see, I am a big Twilight Saga fan. Like almost all Twilight fans, I have finished reading the books years ago already. Allan and I have watched the first three movies when it was shown in the movie house. But three weeks after I have given birth to Trev last 2011, Breaking Dawn 1 was shown in the movie house so I was not able to watch it for obvious reason. Allan got me the DVD after a few months. I was so happy of course! I didn't mind if everyone has already watched it and I'm the only one who haven't. As long as I am able to watch it, that's okay. When Breaking Dawn 2 was shown last year, I was already a SAHM and for obvious reason again, I was not able to watch it in the movie house. So, I'm so happy that Allan got me one today! Yipee! :-)

We watched it this afternoon and so far, I was satisfied with how the movie was made. Nice. After that, we also watched Les Miserables. I'm such a cry baby, so, you guessed it right, I got carried away! Masakit sa dibdib pala yung story nun.

I sure love weekends! How about you? How do you spend your weekends? Post away! :-)  


  1. I love weekends too. Since I am working until Saturday, Sunday is our family day. We usually start that day with a breakfast, then go to Church and then if we have something to buy, we'll go to mall. For the past weeks, we haven't gone to mall since we have MTOs to finished. Daddy Allan, yes katukayo sila ng husband mo, always cook a special lunch for us. Then merienda. I love spending Sundays at home and with my son and husband :) That's love!

    Mommy Maye

    1. It's really nice spending weekends with our family noh? Yes, I agree. That's love definitely. Nakakatuwa naman, same names pala husband natin? Uhhmm, maybe I'm wrong but is your husband chemistdad? i'm really glad to be part of commex and I get to meet you all. thanks for dropping by, mommy maye. :-)


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