My Little Boy At The Grocery - With Video :-)

Hey there! Here's  a video of my 17-month old son helping his Tatay push the grocery cart. :-) I made a post about this here.

Actually, there's a third video but I couldn't seem to upload it here. There's always this blogger error whenever I try. :-( 

Anyway, I will try again later. 

Meanwhile,  I want to show you these. Trev kulit pushing our grocery cart. Enjoy watching! :-)

Update as of March 29: Yey! I was finally able to upload the third installment of Trev's video at the grocery. You can watch it here. :-)


  1. My loves doing this too. He even push us when we tried to help him in pushing the cart. He wants to do it by himself. hehehe

  2. haha. I remember my little girl when she was at that age. Alam nya yung mga items na para sa kanya, siya mismo kumukuha sa shelf. Cute ni Trev.

  3. This age enjoys going to the groceries. My daughter did this too. Now she's into hitching a ride on the side of the cart.

  4. cute! hahaha.. i like pushing the cart too when i was young. :)

  5. He is having so much fun pushing the cart. My girl too loves pushing the cart at the supermarket.

  6. So cute! My kids do these as well. It's crazy because they want 1 cart each regardless of how many we need.

  7. Cute! and he seems to be like the one in control, lol. I bet it was fun doing grocery shopping with the little one :)


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