Oral B Stages Toothbrush

So, after our Toy Kingdom window shopping, we went to our last stop of the day. We went to Watsons and bought some toiletries. 

I got a new find for Trev! Look!

Oral B Stages Toothbrush
Oral B Stages Toothbrush. Stage 1.

Last month, we bought Trev an Oral B Toothbrush already, the one with Mickey Mouse design. But that one was actually not for toddlers, it's for bigger kids. Anyway, it serves its purpose on Trev though because the bristles are soft and Trev likes brushing his teeth with it. However, I realized that Trev needs another because the other toothbrush that he's using (Pigeon Lesson 2) doesn't serve its purpose already. It couldn't clean Trev's teeth as much as the Oral B does. 

Good thing Allan reminded me that Trev needs a new toothbrush. So, when we went to Watsons last Sunday, we checked if there were kiddie/toddler toothbrushes available. And, eureka! There were a lot! I couldn't even decide which one to buy. The famous Firefly toothbrush is available too! That was the first time I have ever seen one in person and I was so impressed. But, it was a little expensive for a toddler toothbrush, in my humble opinion, for now. Maybe, we could buy that for Trev when he knows how to brush his teeth on his own already. On his second birthday, perhaps? Yay! :-)

So, I got the Oral B Stage 1 toothbrush. It's still more expensive than his Oral B Mickey Toothbrush but I think it's worth a try. I can't remember the exact price but I think it was more or less Ph120. Well, it was thrice as expensive as his Mickey Toothbrush. 

Here's a description based on the Oral-B website.

Stages 1: A toothbrush for babies 4 to 24 months.

At this stage, babies begin to teethe. When the first tooth comes in—usually between four and six months—it's time to start brushing. The Oral-B Stages 1 toothbrush makes it easy to gently care for new teeth and tender gums.
  • Helps protect tender gums
  • Gently cleans and massages baby teeth and gums
  • Designed for a parent’s hand
  • Makes brushing fun with Disney characters


  • Cushioned head: Gentle to help protect tender gums
  • Baby-soft bristles: Gently clean and massage baby teeth and gums
  • The non-slip handle: Designed for a parent's hand and has a thumb rest for better control
  • Baby Einstein™ characters: Popular characters that make brushing fun for your baby

As usual, the excited Nanay strikes again. I used the toothbrush on Trev that night. And Trev really enjoyed brushing his teeth with it. He loves the design, too. I'm so glad we bought this toothbrush. The bristles are softer and a little shorter than the Mickey Toothbrush, making it easier to brush Trev's teeth. And like what the description said, it has a non-slip handle which makes it easier for me to control the brushing. I like the cushioned head too! Love it!

Remember, I mentioned here that Trev has 7 visible teeth and the others are still about to come out? Well, the other two came out really fast. Although, these two have not completely come out yet but it's already visible. He now has 9 visible teeth! Yay!

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