Simple Joys Photo: Nappy Changing "Battle"

You see, nappy changing has always been a "battle" with Trev. Whenever we change his diaper, he would always squirm and run away from us. He would always wriggle profusely because all he wants is to play! Yes, even without his diaper! Haha! 

His Tatay and I would always try to distract him with anything just so we could put on his new nappy. Most often, we're successful, BUT, yes there's a but. The nappy ends up all twisted and not snugly fit at all! LOL!

In the pic above, Trev was distracted by reading his book, not minding me while I put on his diaper. However, it's not always the case. We're just lucky that day that he allowed me to put his diaper on him while he checks out his book. Sigh of relief. :-)

We even bought him Mamy Poko Value Pants. The one that can just be pulled up so we don't have to struggle putting on his diaper while we're out and about. We still use the traditional taped diaper when we're home though. Pull ups can be quite expensive! 

Haha, toddlers! Funny because at the end of the today, you'll realize that nappy changing "battle" can also be a fun time with your baby. Yes. Because, like in my case, to distract Trev, what I and my husband do is sing with him, talk with him, play with him, etc until we're able to put the nappy on.

Has nappy changing become quite a "battle" lately with your baby too? Share your experience by commenting below. I'd love to hear from you! :-)


  1. Changing diapers with my eldest was not a burden at all. Julia's much quiet and not that naughty. But with my second, oh my goodness! I have to make my eyes wide for her to stop whenever we change diapers. Takot lang hehehe!

  2. Aww that's a cute photo. Enjoy motherhood!

  3. i think i had a few similar episodes too :) hehe

  4. When my toddler was around 1 yo, yes I was challenged. But we just became creative by distracting him and it worked! :)

  5. Oh yes! As in, my son will flip around. Nakakaubos ng lakas tapos parang nanadya pa pag malapit ka na matapos saka pa siya maglilikot. Haha.

    Mommy Maye

  6. i love reading mommie's experiences in raising a child like this one
    dapat mahaba ang patience ko kapag mommy na ako, haha

  7. I remember my youngest nephew always negotiating about nappies. He would delay putting them on as much as he can stall.

  8. Yes, super! And my almost 1yo is not just malikot, he will really get mad if I pin him down to bed. I want to use pullups, pero mahal eh! :D

  9. He looks quite entertained in the photo, one of the good days no? With my nephew meron konting drama, pero generally okay as long as mabilis ang nagpapalit. hehe :)


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