T.O.S.H. Sunday

T.O.S.H. -- Short for The Old Spaghetti House. :-)

Last Sunday, we decided to have our lunch at T.O.S.H. 

Confession, I have been there for I think only twice pa lang in my entire life. Most often, I get intimidated by the interior design kasi. The first two was when I was still working. I came there with some officemates. I think we celebrated something if I remember it correctly.

So, yesterday was basically just my third. Hihi! :-)

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Allan, Trev and I have been trying out different restos and fast foods lately. Para maiba naman. Well, as long as may chance and if budget permits. :-)

Since Trev loves pasta and we were already at The Block that time, we gave it a go. Like I said, the ambiance of T.O.S.H. could be a bit intimidating for someone like me who's not used to eating in restaurants with posh interiors because I feel like everything is expensive inside. But they proved me wrong as they offer some really "within the budget" meals. The interior was really nice; dim lit, brick walls, vintage designs and paintings, lamps. Pretty! It felt cozy especially for a family like us because the place is quiet and you don't see a lot of people going here and there. 

While waiting for the food. Trev kept on eating his baon. :-)

Uhmm, I just hope they have a more stable high chair though. The high chair that they gave us for Trev looks unstable. Please look at the pic above. What do you think? It's not actually a high chair. Parang booster seat sya. You know, the one that you just tie on a chair to convert it to a high chair? Yes, ganun. At first, I didn't want Trev to sit there kasi baka mahulog sya. Buti na lang, hindi. But, he cried when I first put him down. Maybe, he got scared. Actually, they have one high chair talaga. Yun lang, nag-iisa lang yun. Check out the last pic of this entry, the one on the lower right corner, that's their real high chair. Real talaga?! I think they only have two chairs for kids, and since the real high chair was already being used by another customer, we had no choice but to use the booster seat type high chair. I am not sure if it is the same for all T.O.S.H. branches because like I said, it's only my third time there and my first time with my own family. But I hope next time, T.O.S.H. could provide more available high chairs for babies and kids, so they are safer when seated. 

Anyway, we ordered Pesto with Grilled Chicken and Tropical Fruit Juice. The pesto was really good! Trev really enjoyed it!

Tatay and Trev, playing and eating!

Pesto with Grilled Chicken for Ph175

Trev really enjoyed the food! First time to eat pesto.

Look, even Trev likes the interior! Hihi!

How I wish I also ordered those sweet desserts! I just love the blueberry cheesecake! Sayang... :-(

Anyway, Allan and I ordered the same meal. I told him he could have ordered a different meal so we could also get a taste of it. He said, "Bakit, puwede naman bumalik ah?" Haha, nawili! So, I'm expecting a part 2 at The Old Spaghetti House. This time, I'll ask for the dessert. Yay!

The Old Spaghetti House is located at the 4th Level of The Block, SM North EDSA.

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