Tribute To All The Mothers In The World

That picture of the womb got my attention when I was browsing my FB timeline and saw this. It was shared by one of my former officemates. I was all the more touched by the words that came with it. Read on to find out. :-)

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Your mom carried you in her womb for nine months.
She felt sick for months with nausea. 
She watched her feet swell and her skin stretch and tear. 
She struggled to climb stairs.
She got breathless quick.
She suffered many sleepless nights. 
She then went through excruciating pain to bring you into this world.
Then, she became your nurse, your chef, your maid, your chauffeur, your biggest fan, your teacher, and your best friend.
She's struggled for you, cried over you, hoped the best for you, and prayed for you.
Some of us take our mom for granted. But there are people who have lost or never even seen theirs.
If you have a loving mother who did all of these for you, you are very lucky, never devalue her worth because one day, you'll wish you hadn't.
This is a tribute to every woman who is a mother, and to every other woman who is going to be one day.


  1. Period.

    they said there's nothing more love that is unconditional than that of a mother.

    I couldn't understand about it until I turned into one.

  2. Whenever I hear the music of Freddie Aguilar's ANAK, I always get teary eyed because I know that the song is so true and the fact that I should definitely appreciate my mom more.

  3. It's very true! I appreciate and I missed my Mama after I have kids. I love my Mom:)

  4. Yup, the pain and the joy a mom goes through...I believe all moms (ehem) are angels on earth :)

  5. this is a nice piece, hurray to all moms

  6. Here here to all the moms, especially mine! <3

  7. I love it. I got teary eyes reading through it. I appreciate my mother more when I became a mom myself. Cheers to all the mothers!

    Mommy Maye2


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