Trinoma Saturday

Before anything else, weekend breakfast of the day muna. I cooked Tocilog for Allan and myself. Yum! Trev's breakfast was mango cereal, bread and egg. :-)

Tocino, Sunny Side Up Eggs and Fried Rice with hotdogs :-)

In the afternoon, we went to Trinoma. We're still in search of the toddler table and chair that I mentioned in my previous post. Allan said that Trinoma also offers those so we might as well check them out. Unfortunately, the items that they're selling did not meet our standards again. So, we ended up buying nothing, again. Hihi! That's okay, we're not in a rush anyway. 

So, we just strolled around the mall and took pictures. It was raining so we were not able to stay outside the Trinoma's garden and fountain area. We were able to pass by J. Co Donuts  though and true enough, the queue was really looooonnnngggg! :-D

Trev can't get enough of those ninjas at the background. :-)

At Kevin's Toys and Library. We're planning to bring Trev here next time to play. :-)

BIG Stuffed toys! :-)

How's your weekend, friends? 

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