Weekend Malling + Trev's New Stuffs

After we had our lunch at Dimsum Break last Saturday, we had our usual stroll at the mall. We had to buy a new pair of sandals for Trev that he can use at home. His current pair looks so torn and old already because he's using it everyday and he loves walking. Hihi! Aside from that, he's growing really, really fast, oh my! In a few weeks' time, his feet would no longer fit in his sandals. So, his Tatay said that we have to buy Trev a new one. Okay, fine. His current sandals naman is washable so I'll just wash it na lang so he can alternate it with the one that we're going to buy. 

After we bought Trev's sandals and some other stuffs for him at the baby section of SM Department Store, Allan said that he also wanted to buy Trev the magnetic board with alphabet that he saw last year. He's been planning to buy that for Trev for like ages. Haha! 

So, we went to the Stationery Kiosk of SM and got the educational toy for Trev. The saleslady was really amused with my baby. Trev kasi kept pointing at the balloons that were displayed at their area. If you've read my blog before, you would know that Trev loves balloons. Hihi! 

Guess what happened? The saleslady gave the balloon to Trev. Hooray! I knnnooow, it's just a balloon but you see, I'm just very happy that Trev is finally overcoming his shyness over strangers. He doesn't cry over friendly strangers anymore. Yeah, at least he's giving soft smiles now. Well, except for big and really tall people, especially guys, haha! He's still afraid of them. Konting exposure pa, as long as they're friendly and nice. LOL! 

At SM's Stationery Kiosk with Trev's free balloon! :-)

Oh, here's our loot from SM by the way. :-)

The Little Genius Learning Board from SM's Stationery Kiosk (worth Ph350 I think), White Tshirts (less than Ph200 for a pair), and Pitterpat Sandals (Ph350)

I so love the owl design of the white T-Shirt, I just have to buy it! That's two shirts, by the way. The other shirt also has an owl design.

At home, Allan and Trev played with the Learning Board immediately. They both had a blast, I must say. I think the Tatay is much happier than the baby though. LOL! 

Tatay and son bonding. :-)

Okay, so that's it for now. Gotta sleep. It's 3:30AM. And my day usually starts at 5AM during weekdays. So, I still have a chance to catch that 1 and a half hours of sleep. Good night, errr, good morning everyone! Happy Monday! :-)


  1. When you are a mommy na, shopping means a whole new thing-shopping for the little one ;) . I like the owl design too. Reminds me of scholastic (books

  2. I like that Little genius learning board, makes me want to buy one for my little nephew too!

  3. Your little one's got some charm. Love the own shirt.

  4. Trev looks so happy with the balloon and his newly bought magnetic board. :)

  5. That was such a good bonding moment with your son. Am sure you will both cherish it! :)

  6. i and my little one bond together last friday, we watched movie, play some and ate.. it is always fun being a child for the sake of our child/ren.. by the way nice stuff for your little boy

  7. The learning board is a good investment i think. It will surely not only be a source of entertainment and learning for Trev, but also a means to bond with his Tatay :) Cute nung owl shirt!

  8. These are awesome photos and you look great together. :-)


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